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Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

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Warm words from Arsene Wenger explaining the transfer:

“We owe him a lot,” Wenger said.

“It was linked with the Aubameyang deal and he has just had a third baby so it was difficult on the family side for him to leave London. It was difficult to turn down [Chelsea’s offer] just because it is an opponent,” he added.

“He was massively popular in the dressing room and the club, for all the players that left it was sad to see them go, but Olivier wanted more playing time – he wants as well to go to the World Cup. That is why I opened the door.”


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16 hours ago, TomCFC85 said:

We all know it'll be:


As per tradition of just repeating the player's name.

Too many words can be confusing as a club with many fans throughout the world we need to be inclusive and multilingual. 

It also helps keeping to the same three tunes. 

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21 hours ago, TomCFC85 said:

Looking through the Random Rumours thread and found this gem, courtesy of everyone's friend: Football agent.


We missed him during the January Transfer window. My favourite was when he said we wouldn't break our transfer record......and then we went and signed Morata a few days later :biggrin:

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Not sure if I necessarily agree with the Costa comparison, but I enjoyed this article from Ronay: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/feb/12/olivier-giroud-well-groomed-half-speed-costa

Particularly this part:

Just after the half-hour Giroud almost made contact with a spectacular spinning overhead kick, a spring and leap that ended with Giroud tumbling dramatically sideways, bouncing defenders left and right, as though someone had thrown a bulky blue triple sofa down a spiral flight of stairs.

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Solid debut. 

Was impressed with how well he was playing with his back to goal. His hold up play was noticeable and was able to bring others into the game a lot. 

Certainly showed signs of promise and emphasised (to me) how having a traditional centre forward can be to the benefit of a passing game. 

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Hew won 100% of his aerial duels and 80% of his duels on the floor.

I think hes going to be a vital option for us in the next 18 months and it looks like Conte finally got a target man he can use.

When the understanding between Giroud and the others improve, he'll get more invovled in scoring and setting up goals. Hes slower than an oil tanker but hes a very technical and intelligent player, hes aware of the space and runners around him.

I was quielty impressed with him, had he scored it would have been a dream home debut.

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