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Welcome Emerson Palmieri!

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15 minutes ago, Skinnedy said:

I'll be more than a little surprised of Emerson ever sees another minute in a Chelsea shirt. Seeing him cower as Lewandowski put in the last goal was cringeworthy 

Not least that he was so woefully out of position as well ... 

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Another one that needs punted. 

Emerson, Zapacosta, Rudiger, Christensen and Kepa really need to be priority sales in the next few weeks. 

Need to totally revamp the back line so 5 out 5 in for starters... Then we may come close to looking like a competent outfit. 

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5 hours ago, axman2526 said:

The rags are reporting his deal to Inter is all but done but we are holding off on the final signature until Chilwell's signing is complete.

Oh so replace crap with crap? 

I desperately hope that signing does not go through, I wouldn't even take Chillwell at 20 million. 

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He's not a bad player when there's no need to defend, his best matches came under Sarri when we had loads of possession too and he didn't need to track back as much.

I'd like to see how he does as a pure winger, we could save ourselves from buying a backup for Pulisic and have some genuine width.

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Was impressed that he still managed to look crap at left-back against a side that would have been relegated from the Championship last season had it not been for the total fecklessness (read: corruption) of Wigan's owner.

I was even more impressed that Super Frank drew upon his personal experiences of useless full-backs and used the 'Bosingwa' technique after Chilwell came on - put him out-of-position (right mid!) and all of a sudden he has to concentrate and then plays better.

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Stealing a living. I have never seen such a nothing player play for the club in my life. He offers nothing positive at all. Defensively he's sh*t and lazy, but you would think that with his pace he would at least get forward and try and help in attack, but the most he will do is pass it backwards. I see almost zero effort in defence or attack, he's just so negative. He never shows anything that suggests he is capable of playing football at any decent level of the game.

I don't know why he is still at the club, he should have been one of the first players sold at the end of last season. Maybe nobody wants him, I wouldn't be surprised really seeing as he has shown absolutely nothing in 3 years to catch the attention of any coach.

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