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Alvaro Morata

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1 hour ago, chiefBlueCFC said:

I think his hair means to much to him. He'd never sacrifice it for anything

I think the breeze catching it is the only thing that keeps him upright. 

I’m sure he’s a nice bloke and everything but it looks like the club need to employ someone to give him a cuddle and tell him it’s all going to be ok every time there’s a break in play. 

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I was surprised that he stated, though he fared much better today, in terms of holding up play rather than just being a peripheral presence. However, I have to note that Burnley made the mistake of giving him space to run in behind for his first goal.

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10 hours ago, IliyaKrostin said:

It's just amazing how Sarri puts his trust on him.

I want to believe it will worth it in the end. Finally a good performance by Morata, now he has to continue in that way.

He doesn't really have much choice. It's him or Giroud, and Giroud just doesn't have it in him to score goals or start games on a regular basis anymore, so he has to stick with Morata.

Morata put in a good performance, but I feel in the long run, he will still be frustrating and we will still need to bring somebody else in. I would love him to prove me wrong though and go on and score 20+ more goals this season.

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16 hours ago, Jezq8 said:

Better overall, 

but he still needs to put his chances away.

In fairness to him he scored his "easiest" chance. 

Should have scored the second when he cut in on the left side of goal and went for the near post. 

But other than that you had the header when he diverted Barkley's shot which Hart did well to save which was good instincts from Morata in the first place. The one where Jorginho played him in with a lobbed ball over the top, Morata did well to bring it down quickly and get the shot away and again was denied by a good save by Hart and then the header in the second half which he put wide but didn't have a great angle to get it on target in the first place. 

I've been just as critical as anyone of Morata but couldn't really find too much to fault him with after that performance. His hold up and link play was much better too. Played a lovely through ball into Willian when he hit the post. Seemed to have a bit more confidence in himself against Burnley and his scoring has picked up a bit now.

3 goals in 9 appearance, a goal every 3 games isn't terrible and three of those appearance were from the bench. He's still a long way short of being the striker we need but the Burnley performance was a welcome change from the dross he's served up before. 

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