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Thoughts about the new kits and Nike as sponsor?


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7 minutes ago, benjsross said:

Better an ugly home kit than another boring blue kit. In 10 years time no one will remember our shirts for the last 2 years. But they will remember this one.

In 20 years time, it will be a collectors item. 

You didn't like last season's style kit ?.

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40 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

The yellow kit looks so nice, why couldn't the home shirt look as good as that? It wouldn't have been hard to do either, just remove the red and white stripe things.

Agreed, it looks gorgeous. The simple kits usually are :smile: Can't wait til this one is on sale a year from now :laugh2:

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On 29/05/2018 at 20:00, chi blue said:

Funny that, I'm 50 next year (don't look it?)and I'm thinking maybe to old for trainers to games, but being of the era where you wear your finest gear to games, and still clinging hold of my youth I'm gonna buy another piece of classic casual footwear, kicker boots!

You should think about investing in a couple of pairs of Loakes mate, all the classic styles; desert boots, Chelsea boots, monks, brogues and loafers. All still hand made in Northamptonshire, and repaired on the same last they were made on, love 'em. Bit pricy, but the three pairs I've got will probably outlast me.

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38 minutes ago, Adamrb said:

Nice to see hazard in picture

That was one of my thoughts as well, then I thought it it doesn't mean he's staying, as a whole set of pictures will probably have been taken without him :sad: and without Cahill...

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Sorry, I know some of you guys have a thing for Adidas and I have enjoyed some of their kits in the past but I prefer Nike's last two kits over the previous two before.
I'm a simple man, I like Simple Kit designs. 
We're not Arsenal, we don't have a weird Red and White mixture.
We're Chelsea, we're the Blues, the less bells and whistles, the better.
Some say it's a lack of creativity, I like it much more than having silly patterns like Adidas insisted upon within the last few years.  

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