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Anybody caught your eye at the World Cup?


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I liked Modric's goal against Argentina and also Japan's goal against Senegal from Inui.

Lingard's was pretty neat from the edge of the box yesterday, I've seen him score running onto the ball in front of goal yet not running across the box like yesterday.

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8 hours ago, PedroMendez said:

De Gea has caught my eye ;)

Shots on target faced by David de Gea at the 2018 World Cup: ?? ?? ?? ?? The only goalkeeper of the 31 to have played at least two games yet to make a save.

He'll make a hell of a save for Utd's sh*tty defence but put Pique and Ramos in front of him and he's a flop. 

If I was one of those conspiracy nuts, I'd say he's flopping so that Real stay away from him

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On 23/06/2018 at 14:43, Scott Harris said:

Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku.........i know, i know, "get over it", but it's hard to when it makes me think that having those 3 playing together would make us one of the best teams in the world.

I watched some of the Belgium match the other day and was wondering why KdB wasn't playing.   Then the half-time whistle went and there was a close-up of him walking around.

Then I had to go worm my cats, so didn't see if he actually played or was just there.

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Some decent full backs, meunier, laxalt, and the right back for France look pretty decent, although I read he is more of a centre back at club level.

No real suprises though so far, it's been mainly the big hitters stepping up, probably a reason why it's been a very enjoyable tournament so far. 

I would hope we stayed away from signing anyone just because of a break out world cup, el hadj diouf, and karol poborsky, didn't exactly go on to be world beaters.

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From those not mentioned, I’d say Godín has been superb, best centre back in the tournament for me. Musa looked good for Nigeria, hasn’t worked out for him at Leicester yet though. Trippier has been one of England’s best players, vital from crosses/set pieces, shame he plays for Spurs.

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After the first couple of Spain games the pundits were reminding everyone what a great Stiker Costa is and how Chelsea miss him. Funny how they went rather quiet on the subject after that!!

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13 minutes ago, Chelsbear said:

Mbappe reminds me of Ronaldo at France 98.

Skilful, rapid and a natural finisher. Only 19 too, what I wouldn't give to have him as a player

Said this to my mum yesterday, He is very reminiscent of a young R9. 

He has that explosive power, combined with skills, and lethal finishing. 

Ronaldo was perhaps a little stronger physically.

I remember France 98 vividly, it was probably my favourite tournament growing up, and mbappe like ronaldo back then, just has every one on the edge of their seats every time he pick up a the ball. 

Hopefully he stays injury free throughout his career, because it's going to be a privilege watching him.

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