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Office installation disks


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Anyone got a copy they can lend me (obviously with the code as well) - preferably office 2003 or more recent

I still use Office 2k out of preference, and the newest version I've got is Office XP, but that would be too old for you?

However, I'll send a couple of emails, should get something positive by tomorrow.

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Diskettes are little disks. Or are they the proper word for disks?

Diskettes are those square(ish) things that go in the floppy drive. You needed 36 of them to install Office 6 for chrissakes!!!

And loz, I'm glad you're sorted because one of my ahem ... sources ... turned up with a copy of Office 2003, so I thought why not install it. So I did, and since then Windows Update doesn't work. It's no big deal, because I've got a new hard drive which I'll be setting up as soon as I've got a day or two to spare, probably after the West Ham game.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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