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many better weeks?

go on kerry

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to beat tottingham , go out to valencia n win against all the odds , n then fight back against a strong blackburn effort all in one week , as a fan like so many circa ossie, hutch ,hudson et al,weve had many one off results but have we had many weeks better than this one , only to be bettered by beating the scousers,manure to the title n manure again in may.!

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in answer to your question, probably yeah, but when you put it like that it is a fair point.

I've been a Chelsea supporter for 35 years now and what we are experiencing now is truly wonderful, it is important to enjoy the moment, ive said it before and i'll say it again, 'its a long way to the top of the mountain, but the view is amazing'.

Enjoy the moment fellas.

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Great week. Or maybe that's an understatement.

It's wierd to think that it wasn't long ago when we had some real problems with injuries and really had to struggle. Now it feels as if nothing can stop us icon_razz.gif

The Blue machine rolls on! Chelsea 1064.gifdead.gif ManYoo

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What amazes me as that we got this far without playing particularly well!

and thats exactly why ballack is untouchable. when player like him play bad, they still can score and out run the other side.

i have to say, kalou,diarra and mikel have all shown why they were bought this last few months, and i feel very pleased about the future.

did you see kalou take a kick to the chin by samba or someone? he blinked it off and didnt even for one minute think about showing the ref what happened.

most other players would have rolled about.

and now sheva is ingrained well even though hes often asked to play wide, his class is apparent...

next season, i reckon well be as good as our first 2 under JM...

if we dont buy loads of players that is..


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