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Where will we finish this coming season? And what will be your top 6?

Old Shaggy

Where will we finish this season (Honest opinion)   

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  1. 1. What position do you think we will finish this coming season.

    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
    • 4th
    • 5th
    • 6th of below

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Although I believe Sarri's style of play is going to be a breath of fresh air for us this season, I do think we are still short of a few players to push us on to league winning form. As it stands, if we sign no more players this window, I think we'll finish 3rd/4th.

I my opinion it's between City and Liverpool for the title. Liverpool IMO being the slightly better team, if they can manage to turn those draws/loses against lower league opposition into wins then I can't see past them for the title. (spit)!

Then I think it will be between us, Arsenal and Spurs for 3rd and 4th, with United finishing outside the top 4. 

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Was listening to Talksport. A lot of fans ringing in, doubting we will get top 4 and few thinking Arsenal will pip into there. There is definitely more expectation on Liverpool and it seems a large quantity of people reckon they will be pushing City all the way.  Us not being considered the favourites or with lower expectations might just help us. We have not lost any key players (yet) and if we manage to keep them, we do have quite a solid team. Jorginho is a fantastic signing and next to Kante looks a really solid midfield. Time till well but hopefully like when Conte won the title, we spring a surprise this season.

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I think top 4 has to be the absolute minimum. It must be prioritised rather than trophies. I think we will do it but we will need to be more consistent than last season. 

Hopefully Sarri being more fun and positive will have a good effect on the team. 

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7 hours ago, Zeta said:

1. Man City

2. Liverpool

3. Spurs

4. Chelsea

5. Man Utd

6. Arsenal

I think this will be it aswell, if we have the same team as now.

If we can keep Courtois and add a couple of good signings, I think we can push City all the way.

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1. City

2. Liverpool

3. Spurs

4. Chelsea 

5. Arsenal 

6. United 

United being 6th relies on Mourinho getting sacked by Christmas, which would appear to be what he is hoping for based on his recent behavior.

I would be happy with 4th for this season. I think people suggesting we can push City this season need to curb their expectations slightly. There is a massive amount of ground to make up, and we will be doing it whilst trying to entirely change our style of football, having barely had a pre-season. 

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Biggest challenge here is the Europa league, statistically it has proved a massive Handicap & only one team (spurs 2015) have finished in the top 4 while competing in the Europa league. Whether you adopt the "play the reserves"  policy or not, it always hampers teams. Looking at a 2015 article on the BBC it suggested a 7 point handicap. 




Man United




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4 minutes ago, bert said:

statistically it has proved a massive Handicap & only one team (spurs 2015) have finished in the top 4 while competing in the Europa league

We have actually won Europa League and finished 3rd, I think. Does that count? So is that two?

Two out of how many? How many genuine contenders for top 4 have competed in Europa League?

If my memory serves me right, right up until a few years ago we've always had a fairly clear Big 4, so if you weren't one of them and played in Europa League - you probably weren't really in the running for top 4 in the first place. It all got a bit less reliable with Big 4 becoming Big 5 and then Big 6 - fairly recent development. I reckon.

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