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We've got a new Kepa

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2 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Just gotta find a loan back to spain for him. We will have to pay most of his wages and still will do when we sell him. I doubt he walks away from that money. 

Like the Drinkwater money just has to be written off.

£200 million we invested in those two (fee+contract). To have a £200 million investment be perilously close to being worth £0 just a few years later is just unheard of.

Nothing we can do but move forward the best we can though.

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Of course Lamps isn't going to throw him under the bus even if that helps to move him on it will kill his value in the process.

I do think that Kepa would be willing to take a pay cut and move next season but I also think that having been at Chelsea, he's going to want to go to a reasonably big club as well.

I don't think Cech being in the squad is a subtle nudge to make him move on, having Mendy ahead of him is already enough, no young goalkeeper wants to be a no.2

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