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Champions League Final ticket allocation details


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I find it incredible that if Manu get through the final wont be changed to Wemberleeee, it'll be a nightmare security wise having all those fans travelling from England to Athens. It's totally unfair on the fans because the prices will go through the roof on everything from transport to accomodation.

That said at least some of the members that wont get tickets for the FA cup final will be able to get tickets for the Champs league.

First things first though - lets beat the scouse scum.

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With 9,000 seats available exclusively to the general public via uefa.com

Why?? Who would want to watch a club that they don't really support (OK I know it's the final but would you want to go and watch Arsenal play Milan for example?). Surely 'real' supporters would add to the atmosphere!

The remaining tickets will be allocated to the European football family, comprising UEFA, the local organising committee, national associations, commercial partners and broadcasters.

Ok it is their competition but lets look at the breakdown:

17 x 2 means each club get 34k between them.

9000 to floating neutrals.

The capacity is 63,800 so take away the allocations above (43k) and UEFA are left with 20,800 tickets for themselves. (30% of the capicity)

It's no wonder so many tickets fall into the hands of touts!!

As a Chelsea season ticket holder of 15 years and a member of 25, if I don't have enough loyalty points the club can whislte cos they'll never get another penny out of me.

''Sorry sir, I know you've supported us for many years, but you just haven't spent enough in the club shop this year''

All hypothetical, I know, as we've not qualified.

icon_twisted.gif UEFA icon_twisted.gif

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