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Just called the club to purchase CL tickets for the Liverpool game, can order my own ticket on-line but can't add brother or dad, who sit either side of me, have heard 'blue is the colour' twice so far and 'blue-day' is half way through. How long will this call take?

Ahhhhhh, We'll I knew this would work, they answered just as I finished the paragraph above. Managed to order the other tickets, but they'll be muders in my house if the others don't trun up, 3 of us fighting over 1 ticket!! (Please no 128.gif )

Considering the size of the club, and it's 'global brand', surely there is a more efficient way for them to sell matchday tickets on-line or over the phone. What does everyone else think of the current set-up?

I remember queing up in the old days, right round the block for the Boro final tickets, and was pleased as punch when I got my hands on 'em. I know not everyone can get to the ground to buy tickets, but that was part of the experience at the time, for me anyway. I couldn't get a ticket for the Manu 4-0 (blessing in disguise I suppose).

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