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Mod Stark

Opened up the Donation pot for 2019

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Now we've migrated servers, I think we'll try and keep rolling for 2019.

Although it's only been around 24 hours and not gone through a match day yet, it looks like the server is holding up to the traffic okay. There is a member on standby in case we get in trouble on this one and need to shift to a bigger one again.

On top of ad revenue, Donations pay the hosting costs, licenses to run the site and theme we've got running; so it's all pretty much a community-ran forum. If you want it to stay, it will. 

I've set a pretty high target, which doesn't have to be met fully I don't think, so whatever is left goes into next years kitty or in case we have to pay out for something on the site (I added a SSL certificate yesterday for instance)

If you can't or don't want to donate, all good, if you can, nice one!

Huge kudos to the moderators that put in their own time to make sure its all going good in topics. 

The Donate part of the site is listed at the top in the navigation.


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On 23/11/2018 at 14:16, Mod Stark said:

Cheers to those that chipped in. Paid for another month yesterday, so hoping this server holds up on match days as well.

While the fans are having a meltdown in the match day thread the servers seem to be holding up well ::clap2::

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