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Euro 2012


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They're up against joint bids from Hungary and Croatia, plus Poland and Ukraine, so the competition isn't that fierce. I've understood that UEFA is not too keen on the joint bids anyway. Although I do feel that the most effective way to punish Italy for the stadium violence would be to give the tournament to someone else and tell them that the stadium violence was the reason. Maybe they'll take it seriously then... icon_confused.gif

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If Italy get this it sums up what we've all thought about UEFA for a long time.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/footbal ... 562527.stm

Corrupt with Backhanders??

so who should get it?

poland could get it as a political leverage, but then again they are running with ukraine. i suppose i don't have to go in details about what's going on there.

hungary and croatia? do you have any idea how many stadiums are here in hungary which would be approved by the uefa? about 0. there's not enough roads, hotels... and add to this that the country has some very deep economical problems.

italy will get it. i'm sure.

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ehm, well, i was wrong :)

poland got it, despite the fact that they were running with ukraine.

this was a pure political decision.

anyway good for them.

it may sound strange but i'm happy that we(hungary) didn't get it. our economy couldn't take it. would cost too much.

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I wasn't bothered where it went, I'm just glad italy didn't get it. They have a re-occuring history of crowd trouble and recently killed a copper. It's the only country where people at clubs seem to listen to their hooligans, who dictate sometimes if games can go ahead, ie the ultra's.

I just hope UEFA stipulated these reasons for it going elsewhere.

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