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Football Manager 2019

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Has anyone bought and played this yet? My dad is laid up for a few months and I am going to put it on his PC, but I dont know whats the best way. His Laptop doesnt have a disc drive so it will need to be bought digitally.

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Lost interest in manager games when it became football manager, so many years ago. So this is not on FM19 but 'CM19/20' (the FM games get bogged down in too many little details imho)

Recently though, a few of us got together and downloaded the old Championship Manager 01/02 with patches, backgrounds skins and updated database for 2019/2020 and started an online game. (There's a site that's been keeping the game updated all these years.)

It was always the one we spent the most time on years and years ago and apparently FM handheld/mobile is based on the same blueprint as that, except the original game is a bit tougher. 

Manager games on your own is one thing, with two or three others playing in the same league, battling it out for transfers and competing for honours in real time... That's a while different level. 

Quite enjoyable so far.

Into the second season and it's getting more and more interesting with our squads starting to take shape. 

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On 12/12/2018 at 21:00, BlueDay said:

I have it and I love it but I'm terrible. Really struggle to get the best out of Hazard.

Retrain him as a centre mid (Advanced Playmaker - attack).

His driving runs through the middle are devastating.


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