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Roman Abramovich

Old Shaggy

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16 hours ago, dansubrosa said:

Yeah, I don’t think he was that involved. I can imagine he’s had a quick phone call with Bruce and was convinced by him, signed the papers.

Bruce Buck and Lawrence need to go.

Are you delusional enough to think Roman wasn’t aware of this from the very start, foremost he’s a very successful business man, that has an asset beyond only Man City and PSG, why cos he’s the Richest.

Make no mistake he sanctioned this, with advice from Marina and Bruce of course, but he wouldn’t jeopardise the actual fact of being left on the station as Gravy train ESL pulled off, he’s as culpable as the other Big 5 for agreeing, and if their wasn’t such a ‘Clusterf**k’ of a moral outrage it would run, with that nut job football Dictator Perez steering the Crazy bus to unseen riches......

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On 21/04/2021 at 03:06, sonic90 said:

It was a difficult decision to make, if we jumped off the train and the SL went ahead, we could see the other 11 clubs + whichever one that replaces us in the SL overtake us after everything he built.

Imagine in a couple years time, Spurs and Arsenal would be raiding our best players like we're Southampton. He is rich but not City/PSG level where he could compete financially no matter what.

You hit the nail on the head, no team wanted to be left at the station while the other 5 went on to print money ! It was cleverly orchestrated but the presentation was garbage.

Big decisions are not made at Chelsea without Romans knowledge. He just didn't realize it wouldn't sell. Hard to have your finger on the pulse of the people when you live the lifestyle he enjoys.

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Roman is never going to have that understanding that fans have since the 70s or longer.

He relies on the board, Bruce, Guy not sure who the others  are yet Eugene Tenenbaum and Marina would probably be consulted before any decisions were taken.

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Quite interesting seeing him interact with the players. He obviously knows them well. You can tell the players react differently around him - definitely like the boss was in town. 

We didn’t see any shots of Marina. Anyone know if she was there? Assuming Cech was there as well?

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12 hours ago, Ballack & Blu said:

You just know Dave would be your most loyal mate..

He's very tactile with Roman, could almost be father and son.

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Posted (edited)

Let's be thankful Roman still cares about his club unlike some owners. Mistakes have been made in the past and it can put owners off heavy investment. However, if you want to be competitive you have to invest. 

When we were signing Kai, Roman was cited as being very involved in the deal. Apparently Abramovich requested we sign him, as it was reported he was a big fan of Havertz. If this true then fair play because he was justified this past weekend.

Roman in the past has often lusted after players to the detriment of our team because they don't fit the system, coach or players around them. It's nice to see a deal he personally wanted pay off in such a good way. It's another reason why I never see Torres as a mistake, Roman wanted him and while he didn't set the world alight he helped us win the UCL and UEL.

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On 01/02/2019 at 18:32, Old Shaggy said:

Anyone else of the opinion that it's time for Roman to sell up? I would like someone else at the helm, as the club seems to be a rudderless ship at the moment. 


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