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Premiership Dream

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The dream looked elusive,

With the Blades cut by Manchester Reds,

Six points' gap is insurmountable for many,


But at Upton Park,

When all the Reds were butchered except one named the Scouser,

Shaun Wrights Phillip,

the oracle of victory

Two splendid goals,

which one to choose as the Best of the Week,

Set us on a mammoth task of huge proportion.

To retain the title,

Add to the Cup already won with another day at Wembley,

And possibly end the season in victory with them again in a death fight

Roman, Roman... Are you listening?

Or your empire may fall,

If your army stages a mutiny,

Captain Terry, Lampard, Drogba and all

To follow their effervescent general

At Santiago Bernab?u or Nou Camp

The oracle declares,

trophies come when Mourinho stays,

If your attention even care to pay.

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Roses are straight,

Violets are twisted,

Bend over love,

You're about to get f!*sted.

Roses are cr*p,

Violets are w@nky,

Oooh I've just come,

Pass me a hanky.

Roses are awful,

Violets are the pits,

Lift up your shirt,

And show us your t!ts.

Roses are cr@p,

Violets are sh!t,

Sit on my face,

And wiggle a bit.

Roses are red,

It's elementary,

Let's ring up a friend,

And try double-entry.

...beautiful, i'm sure you'll agree.

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....definitely one for the ladies of the CSR!!!!!


I see possiblities for gay men too

Poor View with a View, here h/she is, being sensitive, and there the rest of us are, cr*apping all over it (and with reason icon_wink.gif ) icon_lol.gif

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