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No guts no glory


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For so many months i've been waiting,hoping,praying for this moment to come. This whole season we've been chasing MU, trying to cut their lead,waiting for them to stumble only to be rebuffed again and again.

And then it happened. Six points cut to three, and Boro fiasco left them as vulnerable as ever.

And we blew it. I have no idea what Jose told the team in the halftime but it didn't work.This season's Chelsea, that refused to die despite injuries to key players, big name signings struggling to adjust, well documented tension between owner and manager, constant pressure from the media and United's best season in years, was finally rewarded with the shot at the title - and they didn't show up.

Maybe i was deluding myself this whole time. Perhaps i chose to ignore that Chelsea have been winning without playing well for virtually most pof the season,and our league table position clouded my judgement and filled my head with unrealistic expectations.I've seen it all before oh so many times only this time there were no last gasp winners, no individual brilliance in the dying minutes to make up for poor display. It was almost as if MU OPENED THE DOOR WE'VE BEEN KNOCKING ON FOR MONTHS AND CHELSEA DECIDED NOT TO BOTHER TO COME IN..

I don't want to hear Jose complaining about injuries anymore. We had everyone bar Robben available while MU are missing quite a few. If Fergie's bunch win the title which i fully expect them now to do, it wouldn't be due to injuries, it would be because they were a better team that took their chances while we didn't.

I salute Mourinho for everything he's done this season in the face of controvercy, but he has no excuse for this one. None.

And last but not least. If that's the kind of performance we're going to put out vs Scousers on Wednesday i'm afraid we're bound to re-live the same bitter dissappointment we went through two years ago. I don't know if my heart could take another one of those.

Stay Blue.

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Hey come on people, let us not get to despondent, yesterday was a slip up, not a massive disaster, put the razor away, the rope back in the shed, the pills back in the container and continue to enjoy the ride, and what a ride it has been for the last 4 seasons since Roman came, in the last 3 since Jose arrived it has been a magic carpet ride, so if you want to use the worry beads fine, but remember the special one can not always guarantee a smooth ride, but he will always produce an exciting one, so sit back, relax and enjoy because at the end of the season it just might have been, the ride NO ONE could have ever imagined or forget, (even those history toteing liverfool fools) if it is not a triumphant ride, well still sit back, relax for there is another seasons ride begining in a little while.

Please remember we are the new CHELSEA, the rides will only get better.

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