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Liverpool vs Chelsea (PL) Sun 14th Apr 16:30 GMT

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1 minute ago, TheChelsRVA said:

We don't have a prayer in hell.  We look so bad this half it's astounding.  Liverpool press is all over us and we haven't got a chance of getting out.  Klopp totally figured Sarri out

Just who hasn't figured him out?  

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We will never get that 4th spot nor CL play. And now when Liverpool lead by 2 goals,  chelsea should play offensive. Not stay om deffence. It's a disgrace to watch so good players not bored for the chelsea jersey!

This Sarri ball is stupid sh*t. Hope he gets sacked and out next manager has balls to talk to the players that they CANNOT play like this. We dont Even look like a BPL team at ALL! It's a disgrace.

I think hazard will leave case he can't stand the way we play. NO SPIRIT and NO teamwork at ALL. The players looks like a bunch of chickens 

They need to step up theire game!!

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