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Season's Player Ratings with NOBS on

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Season’s player ratings out of 10 using an innovative decimal system which gives me 20 available rating points. This week’s specious comparison is the Nationality of Best Suitability (NOBS) – an assessment of the nationality a player should be based on my expert assessment of his personality and my extensive knowledge of national stereotypes based on a lifetime of working with Johnny Foreigner. I’ve left out a few players so you can have a go because I’m a giver.

Kepa – 7 - Bonus point for the excellence of his distribution and his undoubted bravery in taking the ball in tight situations. Never shy in making a routine save look spectacular and does not dominate his box in any way whatsoever. Will hopefully improve and could yet be a notch or two below world class.

NOBS – Saudi – Exhibits a sense of entitlement often seen in the “there are no poor people in my country – insurance, what insurance” Saudi male. The women are great. “I’m not coming off the pitch, you can’t make me”.  

Dave – 6.5 – Lovely man, Captain in name only. Never any issue with effort and defensively sound but severely lacking in the “offensive phase” being about as useful as a wall angled at about 70 degrees.

NOBS – Belgian. Bland, safe, unremarkable in every way, inoffensive, harmless, who you could accept as a son-in-law if it looked as if nothing better is on the horizon.   

Zappacosta – 5.5 – Made a few brief appearances and had no appreciable effect whatsoever. Limited.

NOBS – Syrian. It’s the murine appearance, I’m afraid.

Luiz – 6.5 – Obviously not a centre half. Not really any type of a defender or meaningful contributor to the *defensive phase”. Not a holding midfielder and not much use in any other position. Anything he has won has been in spite of him. Sprays the odd nice pass and smiles a lot. Would be a good man to have around in an orgy you’d think.

NOBS – Brazilian. Everybody’s second favourite nationality. It’s the smooth facial skin like a carefully maintained mons pubis – and the teeth.

Alonso – 5 – Found out this season, unfortunately. Tall.

NOBS – Danish. No real defining characteristics. Tall.

Kovacic – 5 – Library book of a footballer, careworn, slightly frayed, easily misplaced, forgettable. Wouldn’t get near a Mourinho midfield, lacking, as he does, any semblance of athleticism. Reminds me of an extremely poor man’s Ray Wilkins.

NOBS – Any Eastern European statelet you can spell. Let him stay in your spare room while he sorts himself out and he’s still there 3 years later.

Hazard – 8 – Happily I think the few wise old heads among us do know how lucky we have been to have had this diamond with us for so long. Outrageously talented, resilient, brave, imaginative and possessed of a measured intelligence, he has been a once in generation adornment to our beloved club.

NOBS – Irish – Everybody’s favourite nationality. Perhaps it is the 800 years of being oppressed by less than benign imperial neighbours that has produced a nation of modest, fun, universally loved rogues.

Kante – 8 – Completes our complement of two world class players. Showed his footballing intelligence by regularly excelling in a position which does not utilise his vast cannon of skills. He just gets on with it in a way that is rare in today’s pampered multi-millionaire. We are lucky to have him. Short.

NOBS – Japanese – When they are not concealing cameras in toilet bowls they are actually modest, industrious, all-round good eggs. Short.

Hudson Odoi – 7 – We must keep this young man or it could rival the De Bruyne/Salah worst decision in the history of sport category of which we are the reigning world champions. Just roll him the ball and let him play.

NOBS – Citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Are you staying or leaving? We want to leave but you won’t let us. Just go for feck’s sake – sorry if we don’t look like we’ll fall apart without you. Can we just pretend to leave but really stay?

Willian – 5.5 – Sorry but you are playing in the best league in the world, for one of the best clubs, treated like royalty, with a decent amount of talent, basically living the dream, yet you slope about the place looking f**king miserable you pouting stream of piss. No one likes you.

NOBS – Israeli – No one likes them.

Sarri – 7 – Strange man. Off the scale stubborn and clearly incapable of even listening to advice. Yet is capable of getting his message across to the players. I like him as he is clearly in touch with his death wish and has worse teeth than me, which very few do.

NOBS – Russian living in Germany. Dour, joyless and somehow incapable of appreciating the break that life has given.  





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18 minutes ago, Valerie said:

I do love the Irish, it's true.

Morata - 3 - Clueless, utterly clueless. The softest, most spineless, characterless excuse of a footballer I've ever seen. Make some kind of run, receive ball, apply heavy first touch, fall over, look sad, repeat.

NOBS - Dutch. Reminds me of a woman I once knew who ran around aimlessly, with a gormless expression, vainly searching for her lost tits. 

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On 20/05/2019 at 19:36, Liam said:

Morata - 3 - Clueless, utterly clueless. The softest, most spineless, characterless excuse of a footballer I've ever seen. Make some kind of run, receive ball, apply heavy first touch, fall over, look sad, repeat.

NOBS - Dutch. Reminds me of a woman I once knew who ran around aimlessly, with a gormless expression, vainly searching for her lost tits. 

Loving this Liam and you said you left a few spare so we could have a go......


Jorginho - 6.5 - Our first ever Regista! For those who still don't know what a Regista does don't worry because you can't define it specifically but it does involve "processing the ball" and "directing" which are very important. A good Regista has expressive hands for the pointing involved and an ability to perform better when sporting a natty bandage either on the hand or head. Our man has these facets nailed.

NOBS - Italian - extravagant hand gestures are in their DNA which helps greatly with the pointing. The Italian innate sense of style and sophistication can make even a sweat stained bandage seem like a must have fashion accessory. Wouldn't trust them with your wife or teenage daughter.

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On 20/05/2019 at 23:09, Liam said:

Giroud - 6 - Bonus point for the likeable way he carries himself. At least he has the good grace to look disappointed every time he misses a sitter. I imagine he'll live a long, fulfilling, happy life. 

NOBS - French - Only they can pull off self-satisfied without looking smug.  

This the best thread of the year we need to pay homage to Liam and keep it going.


Higuain - 4 - While he really hasn't achieved on the football front his wispy comb-over and patchy facial hair is a welcome addition and a balance to the coiffeured perfection of Giroud. Often praised for the movements he can make, even when he isn't moving. Usually looks like he would rather be anywhere else other than on the pitch, probably in a KFC or McDonalds.

NOBS - England - Was once good but that was a long time ago. Now a bit sh*t

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Danny Drinkwater2 (times the legal limit) - Played the very first match of the season then went into full George Best mode by driving expensive cars, getting hammered with chicks and then squandered the rest.  I mean what else are you going to do with all that money when you don't even make the bench?

NOBS - Australia - Despite his name he would rather drink beer than drink water.

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Emerson - 6 - Emerson and his bag of trick. One trick, just one. A snappy foot over the ball feint that achieves absolutely nothing. There is some potential there though which, if achieved, could see him start regularly for, say, West Brom. All style, no substance.

NOBS - Italian - All style, no substance.   

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