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*Officially sacked* but still Super Frank Lampard

Sack or Back ???  

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  1. 1. Sack or Back Frank ?

    • Sack now.
    • Back until the end of the season, unless relegation dooms, then evaluate.

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7 minutes ago, RickUK said:

Roman doesnt act on sentiment, if he wants to sack Frank, he will.  Legend or not.  He sacked our greatest ever manager twice.

I absolutely agree Roman doesn’t do sentiment if he did he wouldn’t be a billionaire he’s ruthless just depends on whether he believes a more experienced manager can get more from these player’s.

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Just now, Brutos said:

I absolutely agree Roman doesn’t do sentiment if he did he wouldn’t be a billionaire he’s ruthless just depends on whether he believes a more experienced manager can get more from these player’s.

Sadly we all know, even Frank that a good manager could get more from these players.

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12 minutes ago, Tambling Dice said:

I'd love to know what this great "vision" was that Frank sold so effectively to Havertz, Werner and others and whether it had anything to do with matters on the pitch. I don't mind us losing if there are visible signs of us trying to implement something but I don't see any of that....we're just shuffling playing staff around from game to game and surprise surprise we're too easy to play against.

Dont give away our secrets FFS! Just keep smiling and pretend everything is honky dory. Also helps to keep up the morale by saying When I was in the Navy, Chels were struggling in midtable.

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Is the "Lamplight" going to be switched off, 8/11 fave to be the next Managerial casualty, rumoured unrest in the dressing room, well thats an ironic thought, seeing as how many Managers, lamps and co, might of shoved under the Chelsea bus, Karma is a fickle lover.
Imho our best ever Player, but seems massively out of ideas, and playing football to hopefully not lose, a nervous couple of days for Frank i would expect.

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15 minutes ago, 2211 said:

Rumours are that Frank has got crisis talks with the board on Wednesday morning.

Not looking good if true.

I can see it now "Frank meet your new Director of Football. I believe you've met Avram before?"

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Leicester reminded me of old Chelsea no possession but direct quick and clinical.

This team pass pass pass cross cross cross hope we get a break......

But respect to Lampard he’s he’s sticking to his principles and if that means he dies on that hill so be it, you have to respect him for that.

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It's difficult so say whether or not the team he picked today was brave of stupid; it had a lot of attacking intent, but we were poor going forwards and badly exposed defensively. I'll be honest, without actively saying "Lampard Out" (which I will never say), I think I lost a little bit of faith in his ability after the West Brom and Southampton games. We picked up after that, but at the moment we just look absolutely clueless. 

I don't think it's as simple as the players not trying, either. Half of them really don't look like they know what they should be doing, there is no instinct in our/their play. Werner, Ziyech and Chilwell (and to a lesser extent Havertz) all looked much better at the start of the season, and the longer they've been with us, the worse they've looked. 

I don't think there is a single part of the pitch you can look at and say is working. Our wingers look lost, our midfield is completely dysfunctional, our number 9 doesn't get chances, runners from deep, or runs beyond the oppo back 4 are constantly ignore/missed, whenever we work a bit of space we end up shifting the ball back to our defence. I just don't see anything at all that's working.

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1 hour ago, TomCFC85 said:

Honestly, these circumstances would be even more intriguing had fans been in the stadiums 

Would they turn on Lamps or demand more from the players?


I think it would be similar to when Mourinho got sacked. The fans at the stadium would never boo Lampard. They would rather take their frustrations out on the players.

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57 minutes ago, bisright1 said:

"They were sharper than us and ran more than us," says Chelsea manager Frank Lampard.

"The bare minimum is to run and sprint and cover ground and too many of our players didn't do it."


For me. That's what's made me realise Frank is out of his depth. EVERYTHING is about how hard the players are trying. There's never any depth to his thought beyond that. It's like he's only learnt how to be a manager from Harry Redknapp and not even considered anything more modern. 

He's an incredibly man manager, motivator etc. But we need more than that at this level. 

He clearly doesn't see the game fully from a manager's perspective, he's still looking from the perspective of a player in many ways.

Another example, he wasn't worried after the Fulham game, he thought that Timo usually scores from those kind of counter attacks and that it's all good.

This really speaks about how wonderful of a player Frankie was but he's missing the experience of being a manager because let's be honest the majority of players do need to be managed, Lampard himself just worked hard and did his part and kept working hard so from that point of view it didn't really matter who was his manager at all.

But the majority of players, specially in this modern game need a higher level of management, mentoring and to be told how to play and what to do. This is what separates the great teams from the good teams.

Lampard was smart enough to not totally destroy the system that Sarri set up but there hasn't been any squad growth this season part from Lampard pushing Mount to further become our key player.

Tactically we have been exposed and in this league when one team exposes you very soon many other teams understand what they are supposed to do, we went from knowing how to create goals and how to score to a total blockage of any creativity.

I'm grateful for Lampard because he improved our squad so much, our youth players are now more established which is something that most fans wanted since our academy has been great but nobody was giving them a chance. Add to that the new signings of this season and it's safe to say that the corner stone was set by Lampard.

But will the board allow him to keep losing games? I don't believe so.

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7 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

I think it would be similar to when Mourinho got sacked. The fans at the stadium would never boo Lampard. They would rather take their frustrations out on the players.

And the player's then went onto win the league the following season while Mou scrambled to 6th despite having serial title winner Zlatan Ibrahimovic leading the line.

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One thing not highlighted enough is that he doesn't deal with players well, why did Tomori not get any chances all of a sudden? Zouma in form and dropped for no reason. Alonso has a small misdemeanor and he got frozen out completely, say what you want about him but he's better than Emerson, a goal threat and a free kick specialist but all of his qualities blacklisted with an over reaction.
Giroud was in form coming off the last season and he was benched so Tammy can improve on the pitch.

Then you have positioning issues, Werner persisted on the wing for too many games, ruining his confidence. Kante being an 8 then a 6, playing well then making him an 8 again at the expense of performance. Mason in my opinion is best as a number 10 and he was moved back to be a workhorse. Kai Havertz is another essay.

I don't think I've listed everything as I'm tired from racking my brain, but there is quite a huge list of mismanagements before we even go into tactics, he's not ready for the job and we can't afford to let him make the mistakes here when he can do it somewhere else in the process of cutting his teeth.

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One thing I’m really concerned about is that we’ve been in awful form for a while but Frank hasn’t even tried to change anything. The only notable change I can think of is Rudiger in for Zouma, which doesn’t make sense really.

I’m losing hope now, purely based on what I said. If he doesn’t try to change anything next few weeks then I guess he is making his own bed. He needs to wake up and do something about it.

I don’t want him sacked, I want him to change something. I’m not sure he will.

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