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Super Frank Lampard *Officially our Manager*

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1 hour ago, TheChelseaBlues said:

That is going to be a sight to behold. Leicester will be walking into a lions den. 

Great that Franks back but I had a ticket sorted for this game, thats now gone ha ha....damn you Frank.

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It's good to have a manager that is proper Chels. Since we sacked Jose the second time, I've known full well that our managers have seen us as a stepping stone, no intention of sticking around. No offence to them, but they were never long term things. It's hard to put my finger on, but it honestly feels a bit mercenary. Managers who are here for the quick buck. Players with so little pride in the badge they'll down tools for a season if they don't like the training or whatever. 

Frank may or may not last a while, but I know he cares about the club. I know he's a fan, just like us. It actually feels like we could get some of the identity back that we have been missing. We're not a clone of what the "next big thing" gaffer did at his last club. We're Chelsea. We're not a stepping stone, or an easy ride. We're Chelsea. 

I don't know how well you'll do, I don't know if you're a good manager or not. But good luck Frank. Great to have you back.

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That statement from Jody Morris says a lot about his character. Very respectful and considerate. Clearly they had a great thing going at Derby last season so the decision to switch to Chelsea wouldn't have been taken lightly, but ultimately they're both Chelsea men to the core so it was always going to happen. Although a few of their fans might be acting like twats about this, you have to give credit to Derby for not making things difficult for us or trying to stand in Frank's or Jody's way.

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Backroom staff confirmed as Jody Morris, Chris Jones joining from Derby and Joe Edwards along with Eddie Newton moving into coaching roles with the first team. 

We've had such cosmopolitan coaching staff for such a long time now it's almost strange to think the core of the coaching team is going to be British this year. 

Good opportunities all round for young British coaches at Chelsea with Frank's appointment.   

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