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Sack or Back ???  

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  1. 1. Sack or Back Frank ?

    • Sack now.
    • Back until the end of the season, unless relegation dooms, then evaluate.

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Wow I’m in shock, hope this is bollocks thought they’d give him the wolves game at least after coming off a win.

Who do you even replace him with? Can’t bare the thought of Avram Grant or Benitez again.

Gutted for him if true.

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After what Ba said about Tuchels reaction to the racism incident in Paris - this is not a particularly good PR move by a club that whether we like it or not has a history of racist allegations against it. Terry, the Paris train incident etc. No doubt it’ll be used as a stick to beat us with in the future if it’s true.

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As expected unfortunately, you just dont get away with performances and results like we have had at chelsea. I think overall he has done a decent job, brought through 5 youth players that now have proven themselves enough to warrant squad place under any manager, and his name alone helped attract some top talent in the summer. 

Unfortunately he hasnt done a good enough job of getting his ideas across, and if im honest, he looks a little short when it comes to actual coaching ability, which is no shame, considering he has only 2 years experience. 

I hope it isnt Tuchel though, because i really would prefer Nagelsmann or Ten Haag. 

Thanks Frank, you came in at a really tough time, not only for the club but yourself personally. Always a Legend, and who knows maybe he goes off and develops into a top manager, and he gets another shot in the future.

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6 minutes ago, Nevamind said:

Kinda in shock after reading the headline. You could say we were on a bad run but it doesn't really sit well somehow. It feels wrong in a way. 

Agreed. I can't believe we are doing this again. Just goes to show it doesn't matter who you are, if you are the clubs highest goal scorer or greatest every player- football is a results game and RA has had enough.


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We were certainly in a position where a level of 'crisis management' would have been appropriate. Take a certain number of games and delineate the progress expected, then review afterwards.

We had three consecutive home games which under normal circumstances we would expect to win (Luton, Wolves, Burnley) followed by the big one against Tottenham. Make it clear that we would need to show progress during that time, and expect a result (or at least a big performance) against Tottenham. 

Will wait for confirmation before reacting. 

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I have been worried for a while and wondering if it was the moment for change but what an utterly bizarre time to do it. Why give him until now then boot him little more than 48 hours before one of our biggest games of the season? There was a near fortnight’s gap between the shambles at home to City and the Fulham game with a FA Cup match in between to hire and bed in a new manager - the axe should have come then or he should be given more time. 

The only positive is it has seemingly arrived before too much damage was done to his status as a club legend (not that his managerial career should have had a negative affect anyway) but the whole situation is a mess, especially after what he managed with us last year. 

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Just now, Fruity66 said:

I mean if we decided to wait until end of season to see if Lamps could turn it around and if not went after Nagelsmann then i get that. But to bring in Tuchel or Benitez.... why.... 

The reason they would be doing it now is to try and achieve top 4. If they finish outside the top 6, even with a new manager, it will be very hard to attract decent players and we can forget about Haaland.

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Really weird timing. Why not sack after the Leicester game and get Eddie Newton in for the FA Cup or something? I guess the feeling is to protect the two German investments, and try to claw back top 4. This whole season is so f**ked anyway, I'd have liked to have seen Lamps get to see the season out. I can't pretend we haven't been very, very poor though. I'm sure a difficult decision for the board and no one is feel very happy about it. 

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Just now, The Swan said:

If this true then it is a poor decision.

Talking about not building for the long term.

Southampton lost 9.0 at home last season and had the sense to stick with their manager.

The board need to get behind Frank and see this through.

I feel this is a low point.

Sadly, the difference was the Southampton manager had the experience of dealing with downturns in his past. Frank simply needs more experience learning elsewhere.

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4 minutes ago, pcmacca said:

Sadly, the difference was the Southampton manager had the experience of dealing with downturns in his past. Frank simply needs more experience learning elsewhere.

We used his loyalty against him, in other words. Called him in when the going got tough and no big name wanted the job but ditched him at the first opportunity when money was available to lure someone else.

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