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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2019/20

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Just now, BordeauxBlue said:

And now VAR says no pen for a Spurs handball.

What even is this thing??

Ridiculous isn't it, seems to work for some teams and against others far too often. 

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7 minutes ago, Slojo said:

I can't tell if Liverpool are good or if everyone else is just really sh*t... I think it's the latter definitely. 

Liverpool have recruited very well, their full backs for example both look very athletic.

Of course if they get an injury to Van Dijk they might have a drop in form such are the fine margins in today's game.

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32 minutes ago, carrickblue said:

watching City v Everton - really City don't look much or any better than us

I think the opposite, they are far better than us right now. They move the ball better, quicker and they create chances. They always manage to test the keeper a bunch of times, even on a bad day. We often struggle to test the keeper for the entire match. Today for example, we didn't test their keeper once after we scored, and this is a regular thing with us. Brighton created better chances than we did, they forced Kepa to make 3 saves.

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