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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2019/20

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1 hour ago, carrickblue said:

Although I firmly believe the "1st" division should only have clubs that were there in 1971, I'll be backing Brentford tonight for a historic return to the top flight.

Got a bit of a soft spot for both teams tonight so I don't really mind who wins. Be good to see Brentford come up but although i do rate their coach, can only see them being next seasons Norwich and it will be straight back down. Still, the supporters would enjoy the experience. Looking forward to watching the game though.

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I’ve always liked Scott Parker, I thought with a bit more luck he could of had a good career at Chelsea.

I like Brentford as well, so actually didn’t mind who won, but this way round is better for us if we’re still looking at Benrahma.

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On 03/08/2020 at 23:37, JM7 said:

I bet united fans are happy to be signing  Sancho over Grealish. Grealish is decent player but not for the money you’d have to pay. Get Sancho and United’s frontline looks very dangerous. 

Still surprising that Martial is holding down that striker position. He looked on his way out a few months ago didn’t he? Reckon he’ll be good enough to be number 1 all season?

I don't know where we'd put him (Grealish) and I don't know he'd wanna be seen as a squad player... And who in their right mind would pay the reported amount for a squad player? He's a good player, but 80 million for him is insane! 

Martial wasn't highly regarded by the sulky one. Probably because he isn't the kind of forward that suits his approach. With Oles approach and since the acquisition of Fernandes he seems to get more out of what he has to offer. 17 goals in the PL this season is quite alright and with Sancho coming I think he could come close to 25

On 03/08/2020 at 23:59, Gol15 said:

Their local rivals are now afraid so they are pointing fingers all over the place...


Anyone wanna show what they've spent on defenders these last years? 😁

Walker, Danilo, Cancelo, Mendy, Stones, Mangala, Laporte... 

18 hours ago, Slojo said:

Lingard is still a young player, you got to give him time, lots of potential. 

Yeah, I'm waiting for this young one to finally show all that hidden potential.. Hidden gem! 

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Mesut Ozil stil being paid £350k a week despite barely playing a minute for months and they have also offered a 32 year old a monster 3 year contract with a £10m signing on fee. Those 55 staff combined are probably on less than 1% of all club outgoings

While Arsenal are now forcing 55 staff members into redundancy because of the effects of COVID-19, they can still afford to pay £350k a week to Mesut Ozil who does absolutely nothing for the club. Arsenal FC, you do not have my support - disgusting treatment towards the staff!


Arsenal have announced that the club will be making 55 redundancies because of the financial impact of the global pandemic. Yet they'll probably announce the signing of Willian on a massive three-year contract in a few days and still pay Mesut Özil £350,000-a-week.


Football completely in its own bubble.

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That new midfielder City have signed from Valencia stated he left them because they wouldn't make him captain and their highest paid player.... He's 20

What a shining example of professionalism 

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9 hours ago, SydneyChelsea said:

Buy back, 41m

I came here to say what a disgrace Arsenal are - sacking 55 ordinary people whose weekly salary is likely less than what they will offer to Willian.


Rumours are Willian was offered £100k per week, those 55 regular staff probably equate to a quarter of that. And now there are reports saying PEA could be signing a new £250k a week deal.

No money my Arse.

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21 hours ago, jack h said:

His minutes are basically going to depend entirely on how injured or suspended Laporte is... very strange move for him.


21 hours ago, Chelsbear said:

He's not worth 40m or anywhere near it tbh. Nice lad but he's not a top class centre back. 

I'd have Zouma over him 

I think Pep will find a place for him no problem. He can play as a CB, LB or DM for them and they're very thin at DM. He's not worth it if you're only going to use him at CB so I suspect he'll find plenty of minutes at different places around the pitch. 

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On 05/08/2020 at 15:24, Bogga said:

Imagine your club posting something like this... even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn 🤣



I've watched a few Youtube highlights of Inter this season and Lukaku looks to have improved while there.

For me it will be interesting to see how he plays for Belgium next time out. 

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