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Chelsea vs Liverpool (Super Cup) Wed 14th Aug 20:00 GMT

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Abraham won't be Lukaku mark two ... because Frank will pick him up and give him another chance. He won't ship him straight out on loan like Mourinho did with Lukaku.

Credit to Abraham for having the bottle to go last - he's normally pretty good at penalties, so quite understandable he'd be up for it  ...

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Caught the last 20 mins of ET and the pens. Played much better than the last game, hopefully this is more like how we'll setup going forward, with less of both fullbacks going forward and leaving spaces in behind. Pens is a lottery, would have been nice to win, but end of the day it's just the European Community Shield basically, so I'm not that fussed.

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Really feel for Abraham, he had a good game, but the 2 decisive moments that came his way, he fluffled his lines. Its important we stick with him in my opinion. The goals will come.

Anyway, we look a much better side with kante back, who was absolutely outstanding playing in the same position he played under sarri. 

Pedro showed some real experience and leadership tonight, industrious and creative, but calm and composured when required. He always turns up in finals, and he lead by example.

Plenty of positives though, with Rudiger, Willian, RLC, CHO, and James to come back in contention aswell.

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You have to applaud Abraham for putting himself forward for 5 Th pen but I certainly wouldn’t have put him there. Has shown nothing yet to deserve it. 

That will have done his confidence no good. Said to my wife an 2-2 that I bet Tammy is taking 5th and he’ll miss it. Didn’t see the match but by all accounts a good show. Unfortunately the scum have won the cup regardless of how they won it. I really f**king hate them. 


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3 minutes ago, Snedger said:

I see the pattern for the season. We play quite well, are a little unlucky and lose.

That's what worries me. If we don't get the result on Sunday I think we'll be in serious trouble. I know that sounds mad, but unfortunately it's the modern game for you. And once the rot starts it rarely stops. Frank needs more time.

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3 minutes ago, Sindre said:

We look great but once again come away with nothing. That's hard to accept right now.

It will sound harsh but Abraham cost us tonight, missed a sitter in extra-time and then the weak penalty to cap it off. Really disappointed.


He did win a penalty in extra time though. I think this will only make him work harder, a decent battle scar for the future redemption.

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Just now, Munkworth said:

Nobody honestly cared about this competition really did they?

I did, and clearly the players and fans that spent a lot of money to be there did too. I question anybody's support for the club if they don't care much about a cup final. You only get to play in this game if you win one of the major European trophies, it's not a game that comes around often.

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