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Email to Eddie Barnett sent today by me - not a joke one


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I have just penned Eddie an email

I've never complained to Chelsea in my life but felt I just needed to this time

Copied from my personal email

To Eddie Barnett ( Box Office Manager)

I know you must be inudated today with emails about the FA Cup final.

I have never complained in any way shape or form to Chelsea before but feel that my questions need clarifying

I have checked previous ST applications and in fact the latest one in regards to priority over members and also on you website.

I have found that it quite clearly states that ST holders will have priority over members for finals subject to availibilty

On your website of which I have cut and pasted it- it quite clearly states for Domestic Cup games as follows


For the 2006/07 season, subject to availability, first priority on away domestic cup tie tickets will be given to those in the Away FA Premier League Ticket Scheme.

Any remaining tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders at one per season ticket holder .

Should any further tickets remain after the sale to season ticket holders they will then go on sale at one per member.

If the availability of tickets is less than the minimum requirement of the scheme, a ballot will be held involving those in the Away FA Premier League Ticket Scheme.

Away match tickets will NEVER go on general sale.

Why is it then that you are allocating 500 tickets to members when in the previous quote your commercial Director states that only 85-90% of ST holders will get a ticket anyway.?

Members allocations are only mentioned in the Premier league Away scheme ? of which the FA Cup final is not.

I know that Chelsea cannot give everyone a ticket - this fault lies only with the FA but as a club you must be clearly transparent and surely cannot change your policies to suit 500 members who clearly cannot year in year out put in the same level of dedication as those ST who have been with the club for years - 11 in my case longer in a lot of others

Also as most of us are aware the internet cannot cope with the volumes you are anticipating yet only approx 4800 will go on sale at the box office which is from speaking to many today the preferred way of securing the tickets in your hand - perhaps 50-50 would have been a more preferred solution.

The timing is also v bad as it is the morning after many will be travelling to and back to Liverpool.

My feeling is that you have obviously delayed on reaching a policy but once again have not looked at all the issues.

I feel that there is little or no reason apart from not having to brave the internet every time you want a ticket in having a ST

Every year we are offered less and less in terms of incentives and members who in all honesty could sacrifice things like we all do to support Chelsea not just in the UK but overseas aswell are given more.

Loyalty works both ways and this policy of keeping members happy doesn't seem to happen anywhere else

Man Utd seem to have a fair policy - could you imagine if they gave members tickets ahead of ST

Of course not everyone can get a ticket for everything but Chelsea must look after those that have looked after them ? as you well remeber we wern?t as rich as we are today and its only through the likes of us that there is still aclub today ? Save the bridge buckets and all

I will as ever queque through the night to secure a ticket but if Chelsea continue to ignore its loyal support I cannot say for how much longer

Yours Sincerely

And thanks for taking the time to read this

Mrs Sarah Dean

Doubt if it will get an answer but feel so must better now

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I don't trust the internet

One click the wrong way or it crashes at the wrong moment it won't reset your details for an hour - have tried and failed many times for away tickets on it.

When queuing - always get them

Lucky enough 2 of the people queuing only live around the corner.

Yes we are - there are 4 of us taking it in shifts

I know everyone isn't gonna get a ticket by queuing -as there are only 25% at the box office

As I said in my letter - it should have been 50-50

Anyway as normal when queuing up for tickets most gather together the maximum 9-10 cards

So I think the first 450-500 people will get them at the box office - possibly more

We are taking no chances and are talking about getting there at midnight and doing two shifts - with two people on each shift

Those who queue are given a ?10 extra each towards their tickets by the other lazy buggers who can't be bothered to stay up all night.

I've yet to miss out on the queuing in all these years yet

No reply from Eddie on the letter yet though

I'll be the one with the fold down chairs a flask of tea and a good book- i'll be taking the wi-fi laptop just in case

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