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Wolves vs Chelsea (PL) Sat 14th Sep 15:00 GMT

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Just now, Stim said:

and Rudiger

Indeed. I rate him as a world class player. 


We did play with a different formation, one that I feel suits us better, but we were much more solid defensively with him in there. Also really impressed with Tomori. Comfortable on the ball, confident in himself. 


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That shouldn’t have been so nervy given we were 4-0 up. Got there in the end. The academy guys are really coming up trumps. 

All of our goals this season have been scored by the academy. 

Thought Willian played well. 

Great result at a really tricky ground.  

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It should have been a 5-0 win today, the defenders did enough to keep a clean sheet, but it was individual mistakes that cost us goals again. 

Overall though, I thought that was our best performance this season. The first half especially was good, we looked in complete control in all areas. Even when Wolves stepped up in the second half, we looked in control, it was just the the mistakes from Kepa that gave them a little bit of hope.

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The youth players keeps saving our skins. Kepa needs to do better!

Brilliant work from Tammy! Hope it's just a minor tweak or a niggle and he'll be fit by next week!

Alonso is good as a LWB but horrendously slow even more so when he had to contend with perhaps the fastest player in the league Traore. I wonder if Emerson would suit the LWB role.

The rest is just a mix of decent to good.

Rudi comes off and defense looks a bit shaky. The physios have their work cut out if we are going to want to challenge for top 4 spots

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1 minute ago, DidierDrogbalala said:

Obviously, but when the shot come as hard and near from the keeper its hard for him the deflect it where he wants it.

If he had stronger wrists, he wouldn't need to worry about it deflecting where he wants it to, it would just rebound away from goal. Because his wrists are so weak, it just rebounded straight in front of him. 

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Good lord, we need Rudi. Zouma played well, yet he is not Antonio. 4-0 and I'm nervous because Mount didn't score. His presence there was intimidating. You remember minute 30 or something, right before our goals. One of the wolves tried a very risky tackle in front of Kepa with his foot raised to his head and Rudi was there to trash talk/demand an explanation. Things like that matter. 

Amazing performance by Abraham. Mount and Willian very good without the ball. Even Barkley and Batsman played well. 

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