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Chelsea v Newcastle (PL) Sat 19th Oct 15:00 GMT

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12 minutes ago, yorkleyblue said:

Once again you feel the need to butt in with inaccurate and personal remarks.  I made no such "uncalled for personal insult", I pointed out the irony of someone who's forum persona was based on playing "da youf" calling for some big name purchases.  That was about as personal as I got, and got called a c**t for it.  This was nothing to do with you,  you made it something to do  with you and I don't know why you think you had that right, but, as far as I am concerned, I made no attacks, and,  even if I did, it has f**k all to do with you so butt the f**k out and mind your own business.

If you don't like my "demeaning comments" then by all  means feel totally free to put me on your ignore list.  It's incredibly easy to do, I have probably the longest ignore list in the forum, and you and "da youf" are going on it as we speak.

If you need instruction, let me know, or ask a grown-up.


You said he was speaking "street arse" and it kicked off from there. He's a new member and obviously finding his way around. I just felt his post didn't call for what followed and thought I would put in a kind word on his behalf. He shouldn't have called you a c*nt but I think he took exception to you saying he was speaking "street arse".

the end.

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