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Ajax v Chelsea (CL) Wed 23rd Oct 17:55 GMT

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Wow. Elated. Deserved win and top credit to Lamps once again. If you had said to me 0-0 before the start of the game, I would have been very content, however after the game turned out, I would not have been happy. We were the much better team and we were carving them open but was just wasteful. I actually thought Bats skied that, but then I saw it went into the net. LOL. You sensed a goal coming but we just didn't have that final touch until then. Pulisic, what a performance he put in. Came on at the right time and put in MOTM performance. Zouma nearly cost us dearly, twice. One with that stupid backwards header and the other with that sloppy pass but in terms of actual defensive performance, him and Tomori were fantastic together and they worked really well as a defensive united. Azpi struggled against Promes initially but as the game went on, he was fantastic. 

Jorginho was fantastic once again. Kovacic, good. Every player put in a fantastic shift. Alonso was not really troubled by Ziyech too.

Probably best performance under Lampard when you consider the team we played, away from home, clean sheet and the fact we were simply the better team against a team who had their full squad available. 

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19 minutes ago, evissy said:
21 minutes ago, mojo said:

That was yes. The ref was influenced by their crowd. However it is very hard to pick that.

Again, what is the work of VAR. is it only when the referee thinks a decision is not clear and wants the VAR to help him that the VAR can do something? In this case, after the replay, we all saw it was an handball, the referee did not see it when it happened, but the replay showed it.

That is why the VAR was introduced. To spot crucial moments of the game that the referee cannot see. In this case, the VAR should have called the referee's attention to this handball, and a penalty should have been given. 

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I need to praise most of the Chelsea players tonight. Again, I think Abramovich is a very good football owner. He demands a lot from the team, he developed the academy to produce very good players, he purchases many young talented players and sends them out on loan.

This is not an high school team, it is truly a professional team and you see that in their performance on the pitch. 


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My player ratings for tonight. 

Kepa: 7/10. Dealt with all the threats that Ajax brought. He was confident. 

Aspi: 8/10. Maybe tonight's game is the best game I've seen Aspi play for us since he came to Chelsea. When he played CB under Conte, I always said that's not the position we bought Aspi to come and play for us. I wanted to see him at right back playing well. Tonight he played so well. He could well be given man of the match tonight. 

Tomori: 7/10. After the small mistake in the first half, he was terrific. He was calm and he dealt with all of Ajax attacks very well.

Zouma: 8/10. You may say I'm too generous by giving him an 8. But, he didn't make any mistake tonight, he only lost the ball once when he was trying to drive forward, otherwise, he didn't put a foot wrong tonight. He never allowed Ajax to beat him and that's why we kept a clean sheet tonight. 

Alonso: 7/10. I think we need to accept Alonso the way he is. He's a very intelligent player even if he's not the strongest player in the world, he has a very intelligent knowledge of the game. 

Jorginho: 7/10. Jorginho and kovacic tonight were geniuses. In tight positions, they showed their geniuses. They were pleasure to watch. They brought the ball out of tough and tight places and fed the attackers brilliantly. 

Kovacic: 7/10. Kovacic is no doubt a top player. Tonight again, he showed it. 

Mount: 7/10. As long as he is on the pitch, our opponents are always afraid. He's a very good goalscorer. He posed some threats to Ajax today. 

Hudson-Odoi: 5/10. One of his worst games since his introduction to the first team last season. Although, he faced a tough opposition today, he still should have done better. 

Willian: 5/10. He didn't get much of the ball today. He faced a top team. 

Abraham: 6/10. He didn't get much of the ball. Ajax played a very good game when he was on the pitch. 

Pulisic: 7/10. Had an assist when he came on. Great player. 

Batsuayi: 7/10. Scored the winner. Was an hand full to Ajax's defense when he came on. 

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Another great performance tonight and a top result. The whole team played well but especially the back four.

Mount was quiet on the offensive but worked his socks off closing down. Not CHO’s best match, saw lots of the ball but was a bit casual or picked the wrong options. A good game to learn from. 

Pulisic was fantastic when he came on, same as Saturday,  and hats off to Bats for the goal.

Hard to pick a MOTM so I’ll give it to the ‘back4’.

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