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7 minutes ago, bisright1 said:

Such a weird take. No one but you thinks Sancho wouldn't be an incredible signing. Aditionally auba has been an incredible signing for arsenal. HE'S not the reason they are sh*t.

Yes Dortmund won the game. It was the super cup.


Super Cup? Mickey mouse competition :laugh2:

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to belittle your opinion of him... I agree he's a good player. But would he be a good signing? For me I'd put good money down we'd be a better team with Jack Grealish.

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52 minutes ago, the special one said:

So he scored against Bayern, did Dortmund win the game? Aubameyang has scored 246 career goals - but what has he won? Nothing.

Not his fault that Dortmund was up against the strongest Bayern side the past few years! Didn't help that he chose Arsenal of all places either. 

If anything he wasn't the problem.

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