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Man City v Chelsea (PL) Sat 23rd Nov 17:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, Scott Harris said:

Yeah, but they are all doing it. Kepa, Tomori, Zouma, Emerson, they are all fortunate that City didn't score from their mistakes. I'm on edge every time we have the ball in our own half today, we look like giving it away every single time. 

True. Kova and Jorgy were the most costly errors but not necessarily the worst.

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I thought we played very well for the first 25 min, attractive football, moving the ball quickly, totally outplayed City. Then story of our season so far, silly mistakes gifting them 2 goals.

Emerson is the weak link today and we can do with an improvement in that position. Whatever the final score, I am very pleased with the way we approached the  game, when was the last time we came to Etidah and dominated ?

If we fix the defence, we will definitely have a shot at the title next year.

Come on boys, play your game in the second half and beat City, they didn't look their best

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City has not been very good but unfortunately we have given them a couple of easy goals. When doing that to City I don't think there is a chance to win. When the transfer window will be open for us we should consider a huge amount of money to The LB.

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1 minute ago, DannyVblue said:

Scott we’ve made City look mediocre because of our play (well in the first 30 mins anyway). Our generally defending has been fine but it’s individual mistake which have cost us. Nothing to do with how we’re playing as a team. Good performance with a couple of poor individual mistakes.

Its all a learning curve though - they’re the champions! We’re competing, be positive !

They are all making individual mistakes though, so they are all playing poor defensively. Everything seems to be very last ditch when it comes to tackling too.

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3 minutes ago, 2211 said:

The difference between Chilwell and Emerson is night and day IMO.

If we can make a deal happen we should do it, if not look somewhere else.

That position needs to be addressed when our ban is lifted.

Chilwell will cost a LOT of money. We should try scouting like poo did for their full backs who are both stellar

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