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Kai Havertz coming to Chelsea

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3 minutes ago, Ballack & Blu said:

Great to see him score a hatrick tonight......But
1 He plays for Chelsea
2 He earns a colossal wage
3 I never saw him smile once, his first ever hatrick at top level, not even a trace of a smile, cheer up Kai, you could of gone to liverpool, or  worse  to Manure....

I'm not an expert on him but everywhere I've seen, people say this is how he is in general. A smile once in a while but that will be it. A bit like Ozil in terms of body languange. Here's hoping he's level doesn't have the same fate in a few years. 😄  

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Pah, not all Germans wear their hearts on their sleeves like Michael Ballack furiously claiming a penalty. Our dear friend Mr Havertz paid tribute to some of the more stoic German stereotypes, like knowing perfectly well he is more talented and earns more money than the people he's up against, then laying down a beach towel while his lager-swilling opponents are still stewing in their sties.

Gleichwohl, playing off a mobile, physical (and intelligent) striker like we saw today is probably how we're going to see him at his best. I'd like that to be Abraham (or Giroud) - I'm guessing Lampard would be more likely to put Werner there.

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Only watched the highlights, he looked good, shoot well, passed well, and throw in tackles to win possession in dangerous areas. I know it's poor opponent and all that, but we rarely see Chelsea midfielders do that post Lampard. He's a cool operator, and that's perfectly fine, I'm sure people will have a go at him if he's celebrated like winning a WC

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He's just a quiet guy and maybe there's less satisfaction in scoring goals against a team in the lower leagues with no crowd. Apart from Tammy half celebrating the opener out of relief and Barkley the ultra-chav, none of the other goals were celebrated.

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Don't read into his reaction too much. When the crowd is back and he scores in a bigger occasion he will cheer with a smile. It is not his style. He is a super-humble guy and somewhat shy. Beating Barnsley is not his career highlight and Frank made it very clear this match was all for fitness. 

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Took his goals well, but i was also impressed with how many times he won the ball, considering he wasnt coming in as a player that is known to press particularly well. 

I also loved to weght of the 2 chances he set up for CHO and Mount. 

The CHO pass, he had to play it firm and to CHO's 1st touch otherwise the chance is gone.

Then the ball he played in for Mount looks simple, but the weight and angle was perfect for Mount to finish 1st time, real pity neither chance was taken. 

Exciting times ahead especially when you see his link up play with Abraham and Werner, and then we also have Pulisic and Ziyech to add to the mix.

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On 21/09/2020 at 03:58, PraetorianGuard said:

I thought Havertz was the second best player on the pitch today for us, behind Werner. He was pulling the strings when given the opportunity and infused a lot of energy into our attack. I have no clue why Lampard keeps playing him out of position though. Let him be a supporting striker/attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 or 3-4-2-1 and watch him go to work. No more of this False 9/winger nonsense until he builds up more chemistry and comfort with this team.

I love his link up play, his passing, the way he finds space between the line and manages to ghost into dangerous scoring positions. He's also not bad at shielding the ball in build up play. Having said that it's obvious that he's a team player. He can interplay with his team mates, he makes smart runs, so he will always be a goal threat when he gets played in, but he isn't somone who will take the game by the scruff of the neck like Pulisic or Hazard and score a goal from a great individual action. So to get the best out of him, we need to play well as a team. The beauty of having him though is that through his link up play he will make the team better.

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