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Andre Onana

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15 hours ago, WhiteWall said:

Although to be honest  I cannot remember a club player, particularly a goal keeper, be so vilified, in the press, through the new medium of social media or indeed (by a lack of countering or staunchly supporting) by senior members of the club.  I can only imagine the first, post Covid, full house and Kepa throws in another soft shot from distance, and sections of the crowd start booing him or mocking him. If he is sensitive to the media, and for all we know he may be supremely confident and impervious to the cat calls, it will be like a trial in every game just waiting for him to fail woefully. Its an irony that we may have been (possibly) linked with Donnarumma who has had run ins with his home fans and we may find ourselves in a similar situation with our keeper this coming year.

I feel the issue with Kepa and the criticism he's facing isn't simply down to him having a bad season where he made a few mistakes, it's down to him having an absolutely terrible season. It would be hard to find a GK who has had worst stats than Kepa did last season

He basically let in 50% of shots that were on target last season and I think I remember reading that he conceded about 14 goals which he should be expected to save. Those are awful stats for any GK, let alone a GK who cost over 70 million and is playing at the highest level

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