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Chelsea v Spuds (PL) Sat 22nd Feb 12:30 GMT

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Glad to see the back three is having a resurgence of popularity, but not having Kanté fit stuffs us a bit really. It pretty much forces us away from a midfield pairing (considering the options), which, if Abraham is also not available, doesn't leave us enough forward players to have the faintest hope in hell of scoring. Unless of course we build an entire gameplan around winning penalties or pulling the ball back to Alonso on the edge of the box.

I suppose that under these circumstances I would usually suggest playing keep-ball and trying to pass them to death. It's just a shame we're not playing against literally any other manager...

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     If the last 2 matches have shown us anything it is that it was not all down to kepa that we were conceding seeing as we conceded with Caballero in goal and its not like cabalero made  amazing saves. Hopefully Lampard can swallow his pride and start  kepa, Alonso and Giroud . Our main problem is a defensive unit problem and not any individual. Lampard missed a trick by not playing Kante as a pure defensive midfielder when we were conceding goals right left and centre but we dont have that option with Kante injured. We have to go for a back 3 and play a more counter attacking game instead of the current possesion game we play because we are absolutely clueless when we have all that possesion



          Rudiger           Zouma           Tomori

James        Kovacic          Jorginho            Alonso

              Mount                    Willian



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20 hours ago, Strider6003 said:

Spurs will come to sit deep and counter attack just the type of game we fall down on.

Is sitting deep and counter attacking that winning philosophy teams keep using against us and finding success with time and time again? You know while we miss about 3 one on ones, have over 60% possession but still manage to lose the game. 

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4 minutes ago, Slojo said:

Is sitting deep and counter attacking that winning philosophy teams keep using against us and finding success with time and time again? You know while we miss about 3 one on ones, have over 60% possession but still manage to lose the game. 

We hardly create any one on ones, i know Frank keeps saying were creating chances, but that's just him -understandably trying to stay positive. 

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In terms of creating opportunities we are not doing that well.

James crossing from the Right looks promising though Tammy has rarely been in the right position to take them, perhaps Giroud would.

We do try and create opportunities around the edge of the box yet they nearly always get charged down.

Our recent best opportunities seem to come from corners where we are starting to get some traction.

It would be nice to see some interplay from the edge of the box that gives as a 1 on 1 though since Pulisic was injured we seem to lack that ability. 



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This has the makings of an interesting match as so many sub plots with possible formations and though Mourinho is missing two top strikers he does have the ability to motivate the odd player to do something special.

We need the points to maintain our fourth spot and Spurs probably just need a point to keep their fans happy. Both us and Spurs have inuries, Spurs to their front man and us to a number of our midfielders.

I would bring back Kepa, for this. Willy has not been poor just not much better than Kepa and Kepa does have a better reach.


James  Rudgier Christensen Azpi

          Kovacic  Jorginho Barkley

Willian       Giroud       Mount

Not my preferred line up just looking at current injuries. 

If this doe snot produce the goods would be tempted to go three at the back in the second bringing on Alonso and Zouma for playing with wide-backs.

I wonder if we will see fireworks between Kova and Deli-Alli again.







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On 19/02/2020 at 11:53, Munkworth said:

We need at least one of CHO/Pulisic/Abraham available and RLC needs to take Kantes place is the squad. Even if he comes off the bench for 20 minutes he offers something different to what we have. 

I think going for the 3 at the back option will be planned for this time around, I’d stick to the 4 but maybe trying sneaking Marcos is at left wing. He hates Tottenham more than Willian. 

I would still play three at the back anyway even if Jose expects it. He doesn't know how to deal with a back three as it showed against Conte, the Spurs game and yesterday against Leipzig. 

But i like your idea with left winger Alonso. 

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Spurs improved against Leipzig after changing to a back 3, reckon he'll go with the same on Sat, would be happy to see something along the lines of;

Azpi - Zouma - Tomori - Alonso
   Willian - Barkley - Kovacic

Jorginho can drop into the back 3 if necessary so we effectively play 3-5-1-1

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9 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

Lot of pressure on us this time. Against United I felt it was stacked on them to deliver so they did not go 9 points behind, and deliver they did.

This time Spurs are crippled up front and our lead is a mere 1 point. Pressure on.

I agree the psychological pressure is on Frank to win.

Perhaps a little unfair as we have 8 injured and Spurs 4.

This is what makes the game so interesting, Spurs front two are out yet so are a lot of our better midfielders and both managers can play different systems. 

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lately the team has been pretty grim all over the park, which is strange because initially it was just looking like the back 4 and keeper were the Achilles heel.  Tammy is borderline to be fit for Saturday, that means there's  a good chance of Batman starting , AC can wear a mask if Frank continues to favor him, hes too lightweight for the prem & i don't understand him keeping Tomori or Zouma out. Kante, CHO & CP  are crocked so well see either Mount or Barkley start.  what really disappointed last match was that the winter break just looked like a waste - none of the players were up for it again. This I feel will continue on Saturday, I have to be up at 4.30 am to  watch it , dunno if I can be bothered.

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We battered them at their place in December and that was with pretty much their full strength line-up. Probably our best performance this season but we haven't looked anywhere near as good since. Willian was MOTM that day - lets hope he can repeat as he does hate Tottenham...........................etc etc

Jose will probably take a 0-0 but try and nick it by the odd goal - knowing how dodgy we are from set-pieces. I will be gutted if we don't beat this lot. I know we have injuries but they have more injuries so no Kane, no Son and no Eriksen these days to trouble us with his dead-ball delivery. Think Jose probably did what he did to Ali last night to have him fired up for this game - with any luck it will backfire and he'll get a red card!

We MUST win this game, no other result will be acceptable.


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