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59 minutes ago, Strider6003 said:

This line of chat made me look up Saint and Greavsie.

At 14 mins Greavsie talks about Chelsea and City as well as showing goals and clips from the match.

At 22.45 Greavsie make a remark about the, 'Loveable Emlyn Hughes, who says you can't fool all of the people all of the time?'



1:32 - 1:35 .... LMAO !!!!!

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Image result for jimmy greaves chelseaScoring for Chelsea against Burnley in 1957

The same goal.

Jimmy Greaves scoring v Burnley at The Bridge Sat, 21st Sept 1957. We won 6-1.

Jimmy was just 17 years old and in his first season in the first team, when he scored this goal.

He'd played 7 first team games and had already scored 5 goals before this Burnley game.

By the end of his first season He'd played 35 League games and scored an amazing total of 22 goals ! 

A very good record for a seasoned striker.   Outstanding for a 17 year old, in his first season.

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Image result for jimmy greaves chelsea

Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Greaves, left, scoring one of five goals for Chelsea against champions Wolves (PA Archive)

A year after scoring as a 17-year-old on his First Division debut for Chelsea against Tottenham, Greaves delivered a virtuoso display against then champions Wolves. 

The then England captain Billy Wright was in the Wolves side that day at Stamford Bridge, but Greaves proved to be in unstoppable form, scoring five times as Chelsea cruised to a 6-2 victory.

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On 20/02/2020 at 12:35, Andy North said:

Jimmy was before most of our times so I'm not surprised he hasn't got a thread on this forum.

I just about have a vague memory of him playing for West Ham and Barnet but never saw him play. I started going to games in 1970 which is long before most on this forum.

Despite this, as a kid,  I was very aware of how good he was. My Dad who did see him play always said he was the best he had ever seen. I checked out the stats in old programmes and you could always see he was a prolific goal scorer. Whenever there were old players on the TV they always said he was the best and how tragic it was that he missed the '66 world cup final.  In years gone by he did get the recognition he deserved from other players and this latest documentary is just a revisit to something the generation before knew only too well.

Great to see him getting further recognition this many years after his career. I understand he is really unwell but hope he feels the love the whole footballing community has for him.

I actually saw him play whilst I can’t be 100% I am pretty sure it was for Chelmsford City against Weymouth in May 1977 a game Chelmsford City lost 3-1.

In that era many many of the all time greats dropped down through the leagues indeed playing for Weymouth was Jeff Astle.

It also worked the other way is many non league players were transferred to top clubs. At Weymouth the likes of Andy Townsend, Graham Roberts all started off in non league as did a GK who featured in the game a chap called Bob Iles who was sold by Weymouth to Chelsea in May 1978 for £10k




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Unfortunately I only saw him.playing for Spurs , you didn't boo your old players back in those days , so I didn't even know he was ex Chelsea !

judging by the ball boy celebrating on the right of the picture it's another goal.



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Found the article below which I think has some good data on JG, a few points:

  • He remains, by some distance, the highest goalscorer in the history of English top-flight football with 357, 74 ahead of Alan Shearer and 43 clear of second-placed Steve Bloomer.
  • To watch him in the early ’60s was like watching a modern player now. And he wasn’t interested in the rest of the game. He wouldn’t track back or do the hard yards: ‘Give me the ball and I’ll score the goals’ was his mantra.
  • In his last year at Chelsea in the 1960/61 season he scored 43 goals in 43 games, including six hat-tricks.
  • He scored over 30 goals in nine of eleven consecutive seasons.


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Last night I watched some of the programme about Jimmy on BT Sport last night. Missed the first half-hour so all I saw was about his time at Spuds and beyond. Until last night I hadn't realised that he contracted Hepatitis back in 1965. He had been advised by doctors that he would lose a yard of pace.

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