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Bournemouth v Chelsea (PL) Sat 29th Feb 15:00 GMT


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2 hours ago, Zeta said:

I dreamt about this game last night. Kepa was recalled and made a serious of blunders and we lost 2-8. Not sure what to make of that, but if it isn't a sign that I should predict 2-8 in the predictions thread, then I don't know what it is.

A dream or a nightmare?

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6 minutes ago, ducavis said:

This lineup is confusing. If you are going to bench Rudiger, then take our Azpi as well.

Nah, if this back three is going to work especially in these type of games we need atleast one natural fullback there for balance sake.

Furthermore I think Rudigers been pretty poor lately Leicester aside, he's escapes a lot of critisism for some reason.

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Sorry but this lineup is awful, why in the f**k are we lining up like it’s Liverpool away? We have to go and attack teams like this not sit back and have a five man defense. Also don’t get some of the changes but who knows who’s available. 
I guess I don’t understand why in this match we don’t play a back four and have more attacking players because these teams will just sit deep and make us break them down which we can never do with this group starting. 

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Very uninspiring line-up and formation. I know Franks’ hands are tied slightly though with injuries to the squad. Hopefully Frank knows what he’s doing and we put in a good performance. I don’t think our squad is suited to 3 at the back like it was under Conte. Our best players are central midfielders, so I’d rather see a tailored formation to get as many of them in the team as possible. Much prefer 4-3-3.

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16 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

Personally I like the lineup, only surprise to me is Pedro, who has little to offer these days.

I’m the same. I think Pedro over Willian is a tactical one. Him and Mount will work closely around Giroud. We all know how good Giroud is at building up play and bringing other players in and Pedro will be more direct at driving beyond him into the box than Willian would. Alonso and James are very capable of providing the width against this type of team. 

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