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Man Utd v Chelsea (FA-Semi) Sun 19th July 2020 18:00 GMT

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6 minutes ago, Backbiter said:

I'm amazed some people are blind to his qualities.

Please explain. The apparent qualities are there to be seen: Pace, dribbling, the willingness to go forward. Other than that I don't see him a smart player that knows which side to play, where are the right runs. And he doesn't chip into our end product..

I love Kovacic of his apparent qualities but he needs to do more to get accolades like POTY. 

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Man U are a 1 trick pony here, just playing deep balls into space, took us the whole season to get used to it because of our bad defense but it's true, as soon as they can't organize a fast attack they look really clueless.

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1 minute ago, coco said:

I hope all the people who were knocking Franks management, constantly going on about "OGS has Lampards number", will be now getting their apologies ready for being so dam hasty.

Frank was always the better manager, despite the unusual head to head record.

Solskjaer has had the benefit of three transfer windows and hasn't produced much.

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