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Last Christmas, I had an epiphany

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Hi all,

Apologies for what might be a lengthy introduction - I'm prepared for hate, but please bear with me. Last Christmas, I had an epiphany. My wife turned to me and, out of the blue, asked 'Why don't you support Chelsea?'. You see, I'd been a Spurs fan for twenty-five years.

'You're from west London (proudly, I might add, born, raised, and living). You work in Chelsea; your dad worked in Chelsea. You've grown up around Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham; we met and dated in and around Chelsea; you see Chelsea players out and about regularly; you know Chelsea inside and out. So why do you support Spurs?' (footnote one)

Well, the answer was that when I was a lad, they were good. Or at least they had (and had had) the players that I had been overawed by: Gazza, Lineker, Waddle, Hoddle, Ricky and Ozzie, Teddy Sheringham, Klinsmann. Suddenly, that didn't seem like a good enough answer anymore.

So there it was. What if I loved football but just picked the wrong team? Is it so bad to change, once I knew the right team?

Because Chelsea are the right team. I used to watch Spurs through my hands, even when we were a few goals up. I was always nervous, thinking they'd f**k it up. As soon as I started putting my weight behind Chelsea, that disappeared. The Blues have given me back my confidence as a fan. I believe in them. Even at the start of the season, I did (quietly) admire what Frank was doing with the team - even more so now. And, you know what? I think the team believes in me as well. Because those Chelsea streets are my streets. I was made there and I'm making it there.

If you want to tell me I'm a prick and to never show my face here again, I'll take it on the chin. But I know I belong here, so with that I say

Hello boys and girls. How are you today?


footnote one: I watched Spurs beat Chelsea in the 2009 League Cup final in a packed greasy spoon near Brompton Road, me the only Spurs fan, giving it all that to fifty Chelsea boys.


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Don't know why..........but kind of reminds me of someone coming clean about their heroine addiction, and the harms they did to loved ones while addicted.


Support whoever brings you joy in supporting them....for me that will always be Chelsea regardless of club fortunes, but if following/supporting a club no longer brings you joy....then why?  It's not an obligation unless someone is paying you, so do what brings you joy in your limited time here.....like calling Spurs a bunch of **&*&# :nana1:

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