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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

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What’s especially frustrating is that Arsenal aren’t actually all that good. We’re really making them look good. If we don’t invest BIG style, we’ll lose Pulisic before we know it. Our squad is full of also-rans like we haven’t seen in over twenty years.

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Kante on for rudiger and go 4 3 3?


Sorry ladies and gents bit it sounds like our defence + ref being an extra arsenal player + bad luck = horrible day for us.

Much rather have finished 5th and won the cup. Ah well does not alter Frank has done a good job this season. Maybe just one game too far.

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2 minutes ago, jack h said:

Kovacic and Jorginho constantly passing to our back 3 is a massive problem. Put your foot on the ball and look forward for f**k sake!

Just play it safe all the time, neither of them want to take the ball and push on to create a chance. Kante won't do that either so him coming on won't change our problems. 

A couple players apart we are bang average. 

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