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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

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2 minutes ago, jack h said:

Kovacic and Jorginho constantly passing to our back 3 is a massive problem. Put your foot on the ball and look forward for f**k sake!

They’re not capable of it that’s the problem. I honestly can’t wait for Werner to play for us. I like Giroud but his lack of pace is a nightmare. Look at Auba, his pace scares the sh*t out of defenders, it makes such a difference. 

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Very good start, but our general play declined once we scored.

Hoping for the best with Dave, and his hamstring injury is just a minor strain that will heal on its own with rest.

The ref has done us no favours tonight.

Time to regroup and win the FA CUP!

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Frank needs to earn his money here. We are all at sea and arsenal are making us look like donkeys. 

This is the biggest game of the season, a chance to win a big trophy and we put in this performance? The riot act needs read and a few egos need bruised. 

Sadly we don't have any leaders so unless Arsenal give it away then we have no chance under this formation with these players 

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Since Azpi left the match it’s descended into bollox, Arteta has capitalized on the water break, the ref is favoring them as much as is humanly possible, that back 3 CB of Zouma, AC & Rudy is total pants, Alonso & James have left the match, Frank needs to do something otherwise ............


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Absolute nightmare since our goal. We've been utter sh*t! James and Dave were f**king mental letting Aubameyang get that much space. Kova and Jorg need to stop passing back and inviting all the pressure,

Frank really needs to get at them now and drag a performance out! So far this is a repeat of 2017, not at it at all and destined to lose an easily winnable game.

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We are lucky we started fast, because since the goal, we have been terrible. The defense has been worse than ever and every single one of them is panicking whenever the ball goes anywhere near them. They seem to be struggling to cope with the pressures of playing in a final.

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Great start but that has evaporated and Arsenal were in control for the last 15 and we were hanging on.

Poor Azpi had a torrid time so Christensen coming on doesn't really hurt us but we need to get hold of that midfield. Think Kante HAS to come on and then expect more fresh legs early in the second half.


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