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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

Eight Times

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Wow that was like playing with a hand tied behind our back... absolutely crass officiating.. absolutely 3 rd class defending.. we had 4 players behind the ball.. and still we let them out number us and score.. that was not on Anthony taylor.. Some players are not Chelsea standard.. Rudiger is one of them..

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12 minutes ago, Girish said:

Guess it just wasn't Lamps destiny to win a trophy in his first season with Chelsea. That would have really capped off a decent first season in PL for him.

Destiny, what are you on about, that's just bollocks. It was a sh*tstorm of injuries and an incompetent f**kwit as a referee. 

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7 minutes ago, sonic90 said:

I have to salute Pedro, he was really pushing hard for the equaliser, that was his last contribution for Chelsea and he's paying a price for it too

Yeah credit to Pedro giving his all at the end, sorry to see him injured, hope a quick recovery, as well as to Pulisic and Dave, tough day for injuries for us, so much against us today, including the joke of a ref

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Poor Pedro. Not how he would have wanted to end his career for us.

Honestly this has been a disaster from about 5mins on. Couldn't have gone much worse really. That game will be remembered for arguably the worst FA Cup Final refereeing performamce ever. Here's the facts

- 14 fouls to 2. 

- An incredibly soft penalty

- A ludicrous red card

- Goalkeeper catching the ball outside the box.

- Christensen fouled in the build up to their second goal 

That said I thought Arteta out thought Frank the whole way through. Injuries didn't help but we lost control of midfield after about 10 minutes and never got it back. 

On the bright side we'll be at the top table next season with an improved squad and they will be in Europa. Champions League was the objective and we got that. Today would have made it a very special season but sadly it wasn't to be.

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