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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

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sh*t performance and a sh*t referee. But really, who gives a sh*t when there’s been a massive gap in the season and nobody is at the games, no proper presentations. This is the season that never was.

One thing is for sure, if the world ever recovers from this disaster and proper football can ever resume, we need absolutely massive improvement in our squad.

And I’m not blaming him, but Frank has a lot of work to do himself if he is going to keep this job long term. Some very odd and naive stuff despite the obvious challenges of working with largely Championship level players.

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7 minutes ago, axman2526 said:

We as a club have to do something about this. Complete corruption. We have to take a stand. This is a painful loss.

FA cup just lost its credentials. This ref had multiple finals in this cup, nobody knows why...I just knew that he was waiting to send off Kovacic it was that obvious.

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Just now, Sindre said:


The twat.

Wrecked the match, especially in 2nd half, we should have played better, but he tipped the scales against us, and no chance of any punishment for refs failure makes it worse

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In the End it hurts a bit. 

Of course Taylor was a big pile of sh*t, but our Team was also a complete Desaster. Defence is not worth to wear the Chelsea Shirt. Lampard needs also some inspiration - bringing the ball mostly high in the middle and always get cleared out is no Tactic at all. 

All of that, it was not our Day and we had Bad luck. ArsenalFanTV retards will celebrate like they are God's now... 

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1 minute ago, Zeta said:

If you'd written a list beforehand of all the things which could go wrong, this match would have pretty much covered it.

Captain off injured.
Best attacker off injured.
Player sent off.
sh*t, one-sided referee.

f**king bollocks. 


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5 minutes ago, carrickblue said:

there'd be some post-match interview if Jose was still in charge :laugh2:

I prefer not to speak...

Just goes to show VAR is a waste of time too. Kovacic got the ball for at least one of those fouls, clear as day. Nothing for the Arsenal keeper catching it outside the box.

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sh*te Cup game. Arsenal did not deserved the win.

- Two hammies to key players (unlucky)

- Soft PK given to Auba

- Uncalled fouled resulting in 2nd goal for Arse

- Unjust RED card 

- Keeper caught ball outside box, NO Pk, no Yellow

- 6 yellows to 1, 14 fouls to 2

Anyone believing this game was not rigged? 

Best to leave this behind and look forward to next season. 

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2 minutes ago, Deino said:

F*ckoff arsec*nts f*ck off taylor. 

Incompetence of the highest order

I don't want to see Rudiger touch the ball in a Chelsea shirt anymore. 

Weekend is ruined

I don't know about weekend ruined bro. I would take top 4 over the fa cup and Europa... It's a sour taste but won't dampen the sweet taste of lamps first season

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This generation of over priced over hyped under quality shower of sh*t generation have completely f@cked up a game that has been brilliant for 150 years. And then when they introduce tv's because the refs are so sh*t and they can't even organise that properly. Fking shameful. This entire generation should hang it's collective heads in shamee

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Not going to let Taylor’s poor performance ruin what has been a good first season for frank. Top 4 and FA cup final is a good achievement without a transfer budget and after losing one of the best players in league. Onwards and upwards, hopefully the board can work on strengthening our weaknesses in the coming weeks

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I'm usually never in favour of giving up a competition, but with the circumstances we find ourselves in and with the scheduling because of the pandemic, I don't think we should take our strongest side to the game against Bayern. The two injuries for Pulisic and Azpilicueta could be a major blow going into next season, and I would hate to see any more of our players getting injured. There is barely any time to recover from injuries. By the time the Champions League game is done, we will be just over a month until the new season begins.

Losing a cup final is bad enough, but potentially ruining our start to next season has just made it much worse.

Edited by Scott Harris
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