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Brighton v Chelsea (PL) Mon 14th Sep 2020 20:15 GMT

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I totally get all the criticism about RLC, equally I understand the love that some has for him. Before his big injury he was a real quality player but he's not found his form since but I will say this...Lamps isn't an idiot and he must be seeing something in Cobham that we haven't seen. I really want CHO to do well but again since his injury his play has been off. I think with the injuries Lamps has got he's had to pick between RLC and CHO...both struggling for form after injury but maybe he's gone for experience?

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5 minutes ago, 2211 said:

RLC’s form was so good before that injury, still seems like he needs to eased back into the team.

Could do with Havertz in the middle in the 2nd half.

We've been doing that since he was 18. He's 24 now.

All he's done is have a purple patch, gets injured, plays poorly, gets into form then gets injured again. Rinse and repeat.

If we want to get top 2 and have a shot at a title, we can't carry him anymore.

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