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Brighton v Chelsea (PL) Mon 14th Sep 2020 20:15 GMT

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Surprise start for T.Silva maybe? Didn't start training with the team until the weekend but i'd be a lot more confident with him at the back then Rudiger that's for damn sure.

I thought Lampard ruled him out of the game at the press conference but he didn't actually do that.

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7 minutes ago, Valpo said:

Looked it up.  NBCSN is suppose to be covering it if you get that.  I don't think I do.  

None of NBCs tv channels broadcast it just peacock

1 hour ago, chiefBlueCFC said:

Peacock unfortunately.

Thank. I looked it up and it looks like with my xfinity internet im a peacock member. Amazons firestick doesn’t have the app but luckily my Xbox one does. 

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             Pulisic -  Werner - Havertz

                     Mount -  Kanté

Alonso- Zouma- Rudiger- Azpilicueta- James


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We really need to turn up tonight. It helps set the tone and starts the season on the right foot. I would even sit a bit deeper to not get caught on the break. Maybe have Kante sitting just in front of the defence leaving Mason and RLC to push on. Our pace with Werner and CHO could really open Brighton up.

I trust Frank to get it right as he knows who is performing in training but I would love to see Silva get a run from the start. The confidence he could bring would be invaluable. I'd be very surprised if Tammy got the nod over Werner or maybe he can play both in a three. Pulisic is rumoured to be fit but only just. I wouldn't risk him from the start against Brighton in the first game of the season. If there is any doubt we should play safe because he will be crucial later in the season. He could even be crucial against Liverpool at the weekend.

My defensive inclinations are probably wrong and Frank will go for all out attack. I really haven't a clue how he'll set the team up but I haven't looked forward to the start of a season this much since I can remember. Which was probably last season.


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Expecting an aggressive and disruptive opening from Brighton to interrupt Chelsea attempts to get some rhythm.  Quality should be prevail, but I do hope Chelsea are careful in not giving away silly free kicks or unnecessary corners - mark my words, we will be punished if we do.  And if Brighton have any players that haven't scored for 18+ months, get ready, because Chelsea are in town!

On a positive note can't wait to see Timo and Kai in action, along wtih Pulisic and Odoi (if he starts, although expect it to be Mount for work rate).

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