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Lionel Messi to Chelsea?


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4 hours ago, big blue said:


If he does go, i would love to see him link up with Ronaldo at Juve, it would be a fantastic end to an era dominated by both players, especially if they won a champions league together.

Bollocks, I'd rather we knock them out of the Champions League and ruin their fairytale with Mason "Messinaldo" Mount scoring the winner

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3 hours ago, axman2526 said:

Well if you could sign him you would be mad not to. Amazing player and the merch would help pay his fee likely.

Though this is all pie in the sky imo. He is a Barca boy and likely will only leave to retire in Argentina.

Messi would have the same problem here that he has in his current team and he will end up walking around and being sad about our defense. Maybe Dave and Willy could cheer him up...

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6 hours ago, big blue said:

Not really sure how he fits into any big side other than psg. 

He doesnt press at all anymore, so he would most probaly have to play as a false 9. 

City have aguero, who i dont see leaving or playing second fiddle, and if he played deeper, that could make them soft in the middle. Just doesnt seem a natural fit with how Pep has built that squad.

Maybe in a 2 with Lukaku at inter could work in a swap for lautaro.

I think you need to build around messi to get the best out of him, which means covering for his flaws. There arent many teams in a position to do that for a player that is 32. 

Cant see him ending up here, due to fit and wages. It would be great to see him week in week out here though. 

Are you on crack now?

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Guest Sindre
40 minutes ago, JM7 said:

He’s not going anywhere. Barca will drag this into the courts to make Messi look bad. By that time, he’ll be 34

I'd like to see who's tough enough to take Messi to court. He's like a God to the supporters there and it wouldn't go very well at all.

Taking him to court would be the end of his Barcelona-career anyways so it's a lose-lose situation for everyone.

I think he'll be a City-player relatively soon.

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22 minutes ago, dansubrosa said:

Another foreign player with a fancy name that people have only watched for 1 or 2 games because we are linked with him. I’ll stick with Barkley thanks.

It took him how many games to score against us. Whats the big deal

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7 hours ago, bisright1 said:



He can leave on a free now. He had a clause in his contract and it expires at the end of each season. The season has just ended which is why he put the paperwork in now. 

His clause extended because the season extended. June isn't the date. This is reported on bbc sport 

There is 0 fee.

However I do think he will stay. 

Not sure which one of us you are saying is incorrect.

But his clause expired on June 10. 

Im sure messi's side will try and fight it given the fact the season finished later, and the window was actually pushed back, but as it stands, Barcelona dont think he can move for free. 

With the whole package costing a fortune, i think they should probably just let him go, all things considered, it would be a shame to end things with a legal battle.


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10 hours ago, TomCFC85 said:

Will never happen, probs won't even leave Barca but Roman is playing FIFA Career Mode in real life, so who knows?

Once an owner buys more than 2 or 3 players, he is playing FIFA career mode. What do you think Chelsea's ambition is? 10th position in the league? Now, the team for me got depleted so GREATLY. I don't know why, but it felt like the team became mediocre. I mean compared to eras we've seen recently with Chelsea.

We had eras like that of the three Amigos, hazard-mata-oscar, fabregas Matic, Costa, willian, we had the Essien, Makalele, Lampard, Carvalho, Robben...... etc era. And on and on like that.

But at this period with Zouma, Christensen, Alonso, Giroud etc.... It just felt like they were a downgrade to the previous eras.

So for me it is nothing special that we are buying a little more decent players. It is just so that we can be a proper team up there, who can seriously put up a fight to win the premier league or the champions league. And that is nothing special because if other teams like Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal want to win the Premier league or the champions, there is nothing wrong if Chelsea also want to win these titles.

At the moment I think our attack is good but only Kante can't cover the defense. Before people start blaming the defense and the goalkeeper. In France I think it is Kante and Matuidi. So if we don't protect the defense from the midfield, eventually our defense will still be poor. We need to buy another defensive midfielder to play with Kante in the midfield. We saw that with Matic and Kante, we saw that with Essien and Makalele. Common Sense please.


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In all likelyhood they'll probably bend over backwards in order to appease Messi and convince him to stay but Barca are in real trouble at the moment. They have a lot of aging players long past their sell by date and it's an open secret that they want to get rid of them but who in the current financial climate would want to take on ridiculous wages on top of fees for players that are in the twilight of their careers? 

While I still think him staying is the more likely outcome there could be more to this than just a power move by a disappointed superstar. Messi is 33 and he realizes he's not winning anything at Barca in the next couple of years because the rebuilding will take time, the kind of time he as a player doesn't have. This is a case of the club that needs the player much more than the player needs the club.

In any case, even if Messi's serious about leaving, he'll only want to join the club where he can realistically win trophies now, a settled powerful side, not a project in the making. Plus, the money issue, Which only leaves two candidates, City and PSG.

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Even if he is the best player in the world and even if he does leave Barca in the current market is there really going to be many clubs who could bankroll a deal for him? 

At 33 he's still likely to sign a 4 year contract if he moved and would instantly become the best paid player at whichever club he goes to. He's rumoured to earn 500,000k per week on his current Barca deal, so let's so he signed on similar terms that over £100m on wages alone before you start adding in sign on fees, loyalty bonuses, agent fees etc. 

Don't get me wrong, any team in the world wants Messi to play for them but when it comes to actually financing a deal most sides wouldn't be able to commit to that financial package. 

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