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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21

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Klopp was angry when the 4th went in yet by the 7th he was laughing, the football Gods I guess.

Liverpool A- team for me with Adrian in goal and without Mane and Henderson on the bench. 

Grealish with 3 assists and a goal looked impressive in a front three and worth 90+m today.

I missed most of the first half yet Barkley got plaudits and he was ok in the 2nd and got his goal, unlike the rest of Villa he seemed to be jogging while the rest were working hard. 

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What makes today even better and funnier is that Sky Sports is so heavily weighted towards Liverpool & Man Utd.

Carragher does co-commentary on every single Liverpool game, Neville likewise for Man Utd games and their studios guests are mostly from them 2 clubs as well.

It’s like a victory for the other 90 clubs.


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What a f**king day of football. Real shame theres no fans in to see it. 

Started off the Mikhail Antonio playing like prime Drogba, and ended with Van Dijk playing like Titus Bramble! 

Sandwiched in between was a joke of a united performance, which i wouldve enjoyed even more if it wasnt Spurs winning! 

Its like a throwback to pre world 1, massive scorelines, Everton and Villa at the top of the table! 


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2 hours ago, Gol15 said:

1963 was the last time they conceded 7 ✔️

That same season, 62'-63 Aston Villa won their first three league games (just like this season), Everton won their first four league games (just like this season)... 

The champion was Everton.


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Pretty safe to say this year there won't be a runaway title winner. Any team would struggle with their best attacker and first choice GK, so not surprised Liverpool struggled, the scoreline was laughable, but hell they'd lost even on a good day. Surprised Cavani will go to United, City would be a better fit since they have no striker right now, maybe they have a "long term" plan when comes to attackers. Considering all the transfer dramas in the last couple of months, it's fair to say we are lucky to have Mariana in charge.

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Shame Spurs had to be the one to do it but United getting done 6-1 is superb. Few things better than watching that entitled born to rule lot shown exactly how far away from the best they are. 

Seems that Sir Alex quip of "Lads it's Tottenham" doesn't quite hold true anymore. 

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2 hours ago, Deino said:

I woke up and saw 7-2, I thought I must be dreaming or having some weird drunk buzz or something but it's real!

Hahahahaha have that you bindippers!

Same. Woke up, checked the scores and thought I was dreaming 😂

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A lot of United fans really are insufferable c**ts though so I don't care, I'm enjoying it. Don't get me wrong you get some great ones who come on here but after that bit of form they had last season you would think they won the Champions League the way they went on. 

They were 5th place for a full season and snatched 3rd on goal difference on the last game of the season. 

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