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Following our Nearest & Dearest Rivals 2020/21

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So, let me get this straight.... VAR gets involved to cast doubt on a stonewall penalty to West Brom. VAR then doesn't get involved for a clear foul on Gallacher in the build up to the next penalty. VAR gets involved to confirm a penalty for handball from a shot twatted from 3 yards away. VAR get involved again to allow man utd to have a second go at their penalty, applying the rules strictly for West Brom regarding keeper on the line but ignoring the rule that players aren't allowed to pause on their run ups.

The problem with VAR is that it is just as open to corruption as the refs already were before its introduction.

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There is something really dodgy going on in the Premier League, there has to be, it's always the same f**king team. It's not just once every few months, it's almost every game they play at this point. United were given top 4 last season, they didn't earn it, they cheated their way into the Champions League. The same thing is happening again this season. It's like the Premier League are refusing to let United slip down the table, which is where they would be if it wasn't for dodgy VAR decisions.

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The WBA penalty literally gets more inexplicable with each viewing. Fernandes totally misses the ball when he swings at it and clashes Gallacher's shin. It's totally a clear penalty, utterly ridiculous!

Solskjaer will do his best Trump impression as usual to gaslight this bollocks in the post match interview. Every dodgy decision that went his way was absolutely correct, every decision that went against him was wrong. The FA are actually against them cos' fixtures, injuries, grass length etc.

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