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Edouard Mendy to Chelsea!

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6 minutes ago, Valerie said:

I got my heart set on @Gem now.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Val, I must admit although I’d pass out after the warm up and will never be able to reach a crossbar - I’d still be a better option  🙂

Jokes aside, would Mendy have to be in quarantine when he gets here? We can’t afford to wait over 2 weeks for him. There must be an English goalkeeper would could get on a free (Green?) who could play until Mendy arrives. That said that may be harsh in Willy C who has always been fairly decent when called upon. 

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1 hour ago, Frawdulant said:

Pretty certain it comes down to the previous teams bubble. Tiago Alcantara for example is available for selection today having only signed on Friday. 

Germany isn't on the list of countries requiring 14 day isolation but France is. 



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17 hours ago, dkw said:

Good, play him tomorrow then. He can't be worse than Krpa now can he. 

What we forgot when talking about this is he will have to quarantine for 14 days, then start training so not going to see him for a while unless players who are regularly tested have a quarantine exemption we don’t know about 

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31 minutes ago, forbzy said:

The club has really dragged this one out. Considering our current GK options I am surprised that this wasn't wrapped up more urgently.

Not just that, he will have to isolate himself for a while before he can even begin training with the squad. He won't play a game with us until mid October at the earliest.

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The real question is now one of the following: 1) how badly is he injured? 2) how long will the quarantine last? 3) how long has his vacation been which leads to how long till he starts training? 

Because this is on paper one of the best windows we've ever had but on the price of watching half a season the same old bums in the team until the new guys start playing. 

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