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Chelsea v Liverpool (PL) Sun 20th Sep 2020 16:30 GMT


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1 hour ago, Munkworth said:

Hopefully we’ll have Chilwell, Thiago and a new keeper available. I’d consider a back three - RLC out for Dave and either Jorgy or Mount out for Giroud. 

No back 3 against Liverpool, i was saying that also before the Anfield game and was unfortunately proved right, Mane and Salah are kings at utilizing half spaces between not only wingback and CB but outside CB and middle CB.

Unless you play sh*thouse tactics against them like Arteta did (and Frank won't) we'll get terrorized.

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Werner - Giroud - CHO

Kanté - Kova - Jorgi

Alonso Zouma Christensen Azpi

New GK

If Chilwell is fit let him start, if Pulisic is fit let him come of the bench with Werner displacing Giroud as the ST. Both of them will be havoc for Trent, and Giroud can help with the physicality to match VVD. 

Obviously I want Havertz to do well but midfield is definitely Liverpool's weakest point, so I would look to exploit that with our strongest until Havertz settles in more. His best role is the free-roaming Muller-type behind the 9 but for this sort of game I'd want something a bit more experienced and defensively robust 

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Mount Werner CHO

Kova Kante Havertz

alonso zouma christensen azpi/reece


Shouldn't be kepa but no new GK is going to come  straight in. Plenty of time in a long season for others to come in. 

Liverpool will likely be too strong this early in the rebuild but hope springs eternal

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I would go with a 4-2-3-1 for this game I think. 


Reece - Zouma - Christensen (or T. Silva if fit) - Alonso 

Kante - Kovacic

Hudson-Odoi ----- Havertz ----- Mount (or Pulisic if fit)


I guess you could try replqacing CHO with Werner and slotting in Giroud or Abraham as ST as well. I wasn't super convinced with the 4-3-3 formation against Brighton, especially with our current personnel. I don't see Mendy starting for us against Liverpool if the transfer goes through on time. No way we put him in a position like that right away.

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5 hours ago, Brutos said:

Havertz has to be a number 10 talent like that you build the team around along with Werner. Front 4 for me is Pulisic Havertz-Ziyech-Werner/Giroud. Stop trying to force mount into the front three

       I usually agree with you but i have to differ. I think we are actually missing a trick by forcing Havertz into the line up because of his price tag which makes no sense at all. We did the same thing with Torres and he didnt score for like 16 games straight and that pressure definitely had a negative effect on him.

       Pulisic was eased in slowly by Lamps last season even though he was slated here in the states for favoring English players over Captain America and he was better player for it. Havertz was literally like an island yesterday against Brighton. I believe over time  Havertz will make a difference for us but for now he needs to train with his new teammates ,get used to their movements and Vice Versa.

      Nothing in Havertz performance showed me he deserves to start over Mason Mount currently

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46 minutes ago, Mod Stark said:

hmm, I wouldn't say Liverpool were firing on all cylinders either at the weekend though.

Not no yet. Their offence, and in particular Salah, were impressive though. We can get at their defence, they can also get at ours and I doubt they miss the sitters Brighton did.

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If Pulisic is not fit I would make the following changes: Giroud for RLC, Kovacic for Havertz, Azpi for Alonso, Willy/Mendy for Kepa, CHO for Mount


James Christensen Zouma Azpi

           Kante Jorg Kova

CHO     Giroud      Werner

I think with Liverpool's highline and high press we may need to go long and have a target man in Giroud to create space for Werner and CHO, I hope Lampard does not play Mount in the front 3 as I don't think he has the pace to hurt Liverpool. CHO will get joy in behind the fullbacks and I think his delivery is very underrated, with Girouds aerial ability I think he can keep VVD occupied and the other 3 defenders are hugely suspect in my opinion.

In addition I think the difference between us and them last season were the set pieces, TAA and Robertson provided incredible delivery from dead ball situations and we can expect the same this weekend hence it is imperative we play Giroud to give us some further height whilst defending.

Having said that I can see Lampard starting with Mount in the advanced role & bringing on CHO round the 60 minute mark to stretch Liverpools defense.

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          Reece   T Silva  Zouma  Azpi

                 Kova           Kante


         CHO     Werner     Mount

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9 hours ago, Mod Stark said:

hmm, I wouldn't say Liverpool were firing on all cylinders either at the weekend though.

Yep, and if they defend like they did against Leeds, then we should set ourselves up to take advantage of it. The way they defended was perfectly set up for counter attacking teams. It was basically one decent ball through and Leeds were in on goal.

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So, we are having Kovacic back in the squad. Let's wait for the worst in our injuries, Ziyech, Pulisic, Chillwell are out.

Liverpool against Leeds were very open, Leeds did very well in their counter attack to hit them. With all my respect to Trent but he has defensive errors, we have to target him in our attack and our defense as well because his crossing ability is on the best level. Salah and Mane's speed is something we have to worry about, we need that physical tackles, be aggressive on the ball, be on the right position most of the time. 

We were lacking possession against Brighton, our ball movement was slow and wasn't correct enough, on other side our defense looked better than last season. If we can defend properly, we will score.

I'd like to see this starting lineup:
---------------------- Kepa ---------------------

James --- Christensen -- Zouma --- Azpilicueta 

------- Kovacic --- Kante --- Jorginho --------

Hudson Odoi ---- Abraham -------- Werner


I believe with the speed we have in front we could hit them right, bringing players like Mount and Harvetz from the bench will take the control of the game in any moment. 

I'm very optimistic about this match, even if our performance was pretty dead against Brighton, but we still have the quality to beat Liverpool, we have to believe and work harder than everyone.


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16 hours ago, Gol15 said:

There is the value of the squads from the opening game


Sorry dont believe this, we all know that everyone that plays for Liverpool has been born and bred there and always wanted to play for them, they dont spend any money at all and are the best at bringing through youth talent. 

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My most important points for next game:

1. Let's not play three ACMs again but stretch the game with pace in wide areas.

2. Start Mount over Havertz for intensity and physicality. Ease havertz into the game by subbing him on against a slightly worn down Liverpool in 2nd half. 

3. Let's not rush people into the starting 11 when not 100% (match) fit but show trust in the players available.

4. Absolutely no changes to the CBs

5. Try to replace Alonso, ideally with Azpi, otherwise Emerson...?

6. Considering Willy's numbers aren't noticeably better than Kepa's: No point in demoralising Kepa after what wasn't a 100% mistake and an above-his-average save percentage of 66%. Mendy isn't here yet.

7. Place trust in CHO when Pulisic and Ziyech are unavailable. Take the pressure off him to show a world-beating 15 minutes whenever he's subbed on. He's our third winger this season.

8. Let's hope for a 2nd half appearance of Pulisic.

9. This Liverpool game comes very early for our new squad. We need to accept that our tactics will likely be closer to 2 months ago than to 2 months in the future. 


I believe this team could really hurt Liverpool:







You could also line this up as 4-3-3 or 4-4-2, in any case I would find this a strong mix of pace and physicality.

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