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WBA v Chelsea (PL) Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:30 GMT

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1 minute ago, Snedger said:

Wow, over 300 million on young injury prone attacking players and a midget keeper whilst having this defence. I'm sure it's got absolutely nothing at all to do with Frank, but who the hell is behind this player recruitment strategy? Still, it certainly put Barnsley in their place!


So when we are signing the players it's Franks pull but when we losing it's nothing to do so him signing the players

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Just now, MayosNoun! said:

I’m absolutely fuming with this. 

How many times does our manager have to watch this defence and decide enough is enough?

He's seen what we have seen for well over a year now and Nothings changed so all I can come up with is his team of coaches and himself don't really know how to change it. 

I think we are in a perilous position here because unless something changes coaching wise this is going to be a repeat every other week. Never have I seen a team as disorganised at the back as us in all my days. 

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9 minutes ago, ddrblue said:

Nobody can blame Frank for these two goals as both goals was down to chelsea player error ,now we will see what the team is made of > and as i type its now 3-0 > what to do what to do 


Of course they can.

Individual errors can be greatly controlled and mitigated with a very well organized and disciplined defensive unit, with clear roles and responsibilities for the defenders.

Frank and his staff have not been able to do that for well over a year.


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